Thursday, May 29, 2014

Keeping them engaged!

The last few weeks of school are tough!  I know I am often to blame.  I am tired and a little frayed around the edges.  I think we all feel a little stressed about getting everything done.  I also get the feeling of self doubt,  "Did I do everything I could to help these little ones this year?"  Top that off with the feeling that we have been driving in the car all year together and we might get a wee bit ready for a break!

Sometimes the best defense is a good offense!

I picked activities that would drive up engagement during my final weeks of school.

First we spent a week studying about our solar system.  Here was our morning work.  At this point of the year, I hand out 3 different sheets, so every student is not working on the same sentences.  They LOVE this variation! AND it pushes them to think a little more on their own.
We also combined a little art with informational writing!  They had so much fun!
We also had some CVCe Alien fun... Not sure why I don't have a photo of that!

The next week we dove into Deanna Jump's Three Little Pig Unit!
I loved the sentence, "please eat fish."

We also did some data graphing.
Naturally, we had to make Piggie Pies that go with her cute poem!

Then we did some procedural writing.

I remember a professor telling me in my teacher preparation classes,  "Nothing neutralizes behavior problems like student engagement!"   The final two weeks of school proved it to me once again!

In other news... these items have been crossed off my list.  You can get them now at a discounted rate.

and I finished this one a few days ago.

Now I just have a classroom to pack up and a few other (million) projects to complete before I am ready to relax for summer!


  1. Thank you for your comments. It makes me feel better about how I am feeling to know that an amazing teacher like you has the same insecurities that I do.

    1. Oh... it seems like the more I learn, the less confident I feel in what I do. HA! #teacherproblems


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