Sunday, March 2, 2014

Peek at my Week-The Human Body

I had some problems finishing this post due to an internet outage.  Winter storm #257 is here (kidding about the number, I am no longer keeping track.)

I am frantically trying to get this unit done!  This will be a supplement to your current Poetry Units.  My kids are loving them... I just need to get the rest done and posted.  Hopefully I will have it done within the next few days.  

A quick word about Facebook.

I use Facebook to announce my new units (that are discounted for a short time), giveaways, or random thoughts.  A lot of my readers follow Mrs. Wills Kindergarten, but lately you may have noticed that you are not seeing my posts in your news feed.  So, if you count on the Mrs. Wills Kindergarten FB page to stay updated, then I encourage you to do the following.  Head over to my page and hover over the "like" button and click on "get notifications" or "add to interest lists".  This way you will be kept "in the know."   AND today I am hosting a little giveaway over there!
Click on the image below to enter

Here are my plans for next week.


  1. Am I allowed to say, "your whole store?!" :) I would have loved to buy either the All Sorts of Sorts pack or the March or April poetry packs. Have a great week!

  2. I love your Listen up packs! I Wish I would have gotten ANY of the writing work stations!

  3. Your resources look amazing! I wish I had little ones in my class to use them on. I feel just like you do about the storms. I swear we'll be in school until June. Missouri weather is never predictable though, so I think it'll change here very quickly! I love how you do visual plans. I have to figure that out. Thanks!


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