Friday, January 3, 2014

Welcome 2014: Fitness! Why oh WHHYYY??!

Here is the DEAL!   I do not enjoy exercising... like I pretty much never "crave" a good workout! The! End!  Sadly, last year's resolution went by the wayside.  I didn't gain weight last year, but I did not lose any either.  I have a lot of "reasons" but none of them are very good.

So this year I start off again!

I take a lot of inspiration from this AMAZING woman!
I am lucky enough to call Rachelle my "in real life" friend.
You can read all about her spectacular journey here.

  She introduced me to an app that has been helpful... not a party... but helpful!
Click on the image to find the app
I like that this app does not work in isolation.  You can follow your friends (like Facebook) and cheer each other on.  Somehow making big changes with the support of your friends makes it easier. It also syncs with my Fitbit... that was easy!

If you want to follow me on My Fitness Pal, my user name is: owens65066

A group of bloggers (present company included) have signed up for this 5k in San Antonio... wanna come?

I have a love-hate relationship with this room in my basement.

My husband takes the bike (bad knees) and I take the treadmill (lots of butter to burn).   We share the rower.   I really don't like to run on a treadmill because it is borrriiinnggg!   The winter months mean I need to take my runs inside (um... it was 3 degrees this morning).

How do I make the time pass quicker?  I could watch TV, but it would be hard to hear over my gasping breath.  I prefer to read.  I use my iPad to do some leisurely reading... like mindless, non-teaching related books.  I rarely make the time to do this during the school year, so this helps to take the sting out of the pain... like literally!  I love that I can increase the font size so it is easier to see while I am huffing and puffing.

I also have a Pinterest board that has some recipes and inspiration... you can check that out 
Check out some of these other fitness resolutions!
Happy 2014!!


  1. I love you!!! LIKE A LOT!!!!
    We got this!!!!! Watch out because we will be rocking shorts at Vegas 2014! It. Will. Happen.

  2. I have a fit bit , too -- I have not made it to 10000 steps yet, but it helps me to know others are working on getting lean in 2014!

  3. I love my Fit Bit...I will definitely look you up on My Fitness Pal! Working out is always easier when you are supporting one another! :)

    Teacher at Heart

  4. I love reading on the treadmill too! Makes time go by quicker. Also, neon splash looks like a blast!

  5. I like your room- We don't have a basement, not needed in California, I wish we did maybe then we'd have some exercise equipment. I need to exercise more and eat less.

  6. Rachelle is a TRUE inspiration. {Plus that girl is THE sweetest person on the planet, I think!!} This is the first year I have made a fitness resolution... and I HATE running...but I WANT to run. (Ugh! Does that even make sense??) Have you done a 5k before? I wonder if it's an attainable goal for me...Hmmm. I have never really run much at all. (Well, 2 days of track in junior high... then I quit! LOL) Going to the Neon Run would FORCE me to do it! Vegas is a good incentive too. Gotta think about laying out at that beautiful Venetian pool!! #ithinkican

    1. Holly, believe it or not, I actually ran a half marathon a few years ago. Then I started blogging and sat and sat and sat at my computer. It made me get fat and fat and fat!

      Ha! I was not a runner at all! AT! ALL! But I followed a training guide and added a little each week to my runs. When the race came, I was ready!

      You should TOTALLY go to the Neon Run... say YES!!!!

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