Saturday, January 4, 2014

Peek at my Week... brrr!

Is it cold where you are?

We are due to return to school on Monday, but the weather man may tell us differently!  I know for some of my friends to the north, this might seem like a heat wave, but this So. Cal girl thinks says, "Brrr...."

In other news... I will be presenting in Ohio at this conference.   I hope to see some of you there!
click on the picture to see details.

It feels like FOREVER since I have posted my lesson plans.  Hopefully, you have not given up on me!

We love learning about animals that live in the cold.  

I have used this unit from Deanna Jump for the last 3 years (I think) and I keep going back to it.

click on the image to find this unit

Here is how it looks for next week!
Click on the image to download these plans complete with hyperlinks to the activities.

Have a great week and stay WARM!


  1. Sorry, I'm in Arizona and it is not cold here! I had to change to a short sleeve shirt today while I was working in my classroom because it was hot! I feel for you, I couldn't handle the cold weather. I missed you while you were away....thanks for hosting this great linky!

  2. We are closed for school here in WI on Monday because of the predicted below zero temperatures and way below zero wind chills. This is pretty unheard of in these parts, especially since they announced our school district's closing on Friday. Oh well, we had 2 days of school last week, so I won't mind a 4 day week coming up, nothing like easing back into after the holiday break. Glad to here about your new weeks plans, always fun to see how you lay things out for your class. Also wanted to say thanks for the updated writing center words for January and February, was able to print, laminate and cut them out last week while at school so they will be good to go next week whenever we return. Hope you are able to stay warm!

  3. The "Arctic Blast" that is coming through West Michigan will likely close schools early this week....wind chills are predicted to be between -20 and -30!! Winters here are cold, but not usually THAT cold!!
    That being said, it's the perfect time for my class to start Deanna's Arctic Animals unit too. Used it last year and the kids loved it! We'll begin it as soon as we can get back to school! ;)

    ABCs and Polkadots

  4. We are due to go back on Monday, too. My guess is we will be closed on Monday and Tuesday both which leaves 3 cold days this week. I am presenting on Monday at the Ohio conference the second session. I am hoping to sneak into some of your sessions either Monday or Tuesday. I got signed up for all of Deanna's sessions on Tuesday. SO EXCITED!!! Hope the weather cooperates~

    1. AWESOME! They had a speaker cancel for Tuesday, so they asked me to stay. We should meet up for SURE sometime!

  5. We have already canceled for tomorrow. We missed our first day back from break on Thursday also. But we did get in Friday. Crazy winter so far!
    Conversations in Literacy

  6. We live in the desert. No snowball fights.. My dilemma is brainstorming how to show my classroom kids what snow really is like. We have no clue. I personally didn't see snow until I was 14. I cant understand the extreme cold but I can tell you what 120 degrees feels

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