Sunday, June 30, 2013

Sunday Smorgasbord AKA Random!

Here are a few random thoughts.

I miss these people!
Downton Abbey... where are you?

I have been told that this is also an awesome series... so I might spend some Netflix time with them on the treadmill.

Speaking of treadmill, I have been on a quest to lose some of these blogger pounds.   Lordy, have they added up.   I have been using this app over the last few weeks.   Guess what?   Losing weight still comes down to eating less and moving more... DANG IT!   It helps to have friends cheer you on.  You can friend me:  owens65066 and we can support each other!

And I have discovered this fabulous treat!
WHAATT??!!!   Only 150 calories for a PINT?!   Yes!  I really like the Vanilla/Maple flavor.  
It is called Arctic Zero!

Thank you Michelle for providing a place for me to share my random-ness!

Notebook Freebie and a flash sale

Last week I got my class list for 2013-2014.   This always gets me excited and thinking about the details of getting ready for the upcoming year.

Last year I tried to do the combo journal (poetry, math, thinking).   It did not work so well for me. 95% of my class got it and did will, but it was the 5% that drove me to distraction.  They were putting poems in their math section or visa versa.   
So this year I am going to keep them separate.

Click on the image to get your FREEBIE

You will find it on my Facebook Fan Freebies Tab

I have also placed my store on sale today so you can grab these items to go with the labels!

Enjoy your Sunday!

Friday, June 28, 2013

Bye Bye Google Reader... Hello Blog Lovin'

WHAT?   Google Reader is going away???

It will be okay!  Take a big breath and you can get your favorite blogs through Blog Lovin'

You can follow me on Blog Lovin' by clicking the image above.

Thank you Anna from Crazy for First Grade for the cute image!

I don't want to look my connection with you all!!! 
That would be so sad!

Thursday, June 27, 2013

Assessing on the GO...1st grade edition

Whew!   I enlisted the help of my co-worker Kali West to get the 1st grade version done!  That girl was FAST!!!!   Would you stop by her TpT to send her some love?

Click on the image to see this in my store

This is currently discounted... HURRY!!!!

Thanks dear friends!!!!

Tuesday, June 25, 2013

Assessment Data Collection...without stopping instruction

This year I had a challenge.   A.  I had a ton of assessing to do, but B. I did not want to stop instruction in order to get it done.  So I started to do some assessing "on the go."   This meant I was was assessing during instruction.   For example:  During our morning meeting I would ask for rhyming words.  I would focus on one or two students and annotate their response.   I could also do this during station time... small group time... anytime!   I knew the assessment questions that were in my pack {Math Assessments and ELA Assessments}.  So why did I need to pull them over to the table to have them "show what they know."

I use two clipboards with different colored ribbons tied to the top, red for ELA and blue for math.   But I think I might be looking into some of these cute clipboards that I found on Etsy {click on the image to go their store}.

Three Ps in a Pod.

Classroom Seamstress-she can add your name to the clipboard

Pink was a Blink

Andrea Tisdale

This worked out WON-DER-FUL-LY!  I had my clipboard, I had my notes... then... I had to transfer the data to my assessment file... SCREECH to a halt!   THIS took forever and I got confused.  I promised my team that I would come up with a better solution.

So I made this.   Each page has room for 24 students.
Click on the image to find the product.  Discounted until Friday!

Now you can do the same thing, you could type the CCSS on a label and print it out and you would not need to purchase my labels.

How do you assess on the go?

Thursday, June 20, 2013

Throwback Thursdays! Communication Arts Assessment

Cara is the BEST!  She is hosting a weekly Throwback Thursday which is sort of like TBS reruns, but for blogs!   Love it!

First I would like to tell you about where I have been!

This week a group of us drove to Louisiana (um...12 hours)  for the three day Whole Brain Conference.   Holy Smokes!   I drank the Kool-Aide!   I am so interested in this approach to teaching that I seriously think my head *might* pop off my shoulders!

I can not really explain it because it is HUGE!  It is not new curriculum, but rather a new approach to teaching that engages the whole child... even your "busy" ones.   If you have ever had that moment in your class where you look around and ask,  "Where is your teacher?" you might be interested in looking into this approach.   If you are interested in learning more you can look at the link I provided above... amazing!

Did I mention this was a 12 hour car ride?   I went down with the Fab 4 (well... 3 of the 4)!   Can I just tell you how much I LOVED my 4 days with these ladies?   Laughed, laughed, laughed.   And THEN... the sweet and SPICY Mrs. Carroll joined us for dinner one night.   Did I mention she drove a few hours to meet up with us... after a day of training? Wonder Woman.. just prettier!
Me, Becky, Lori, Cara, and Kay Beth... plus alligator friend!


Here is a post from WAAYYY back!   I am preparing some stuff (AKA as really important information) about assessment and I remembered this post!

Originally posted December 7, 2011

I am officially up to my armpits in communication arts assessments. Thank goodness my students can work independently at their stations!

Here is what we are doing for our end of semester assessments.

The DRA (the first one we have given to our kids this year).

I will be sending this document home with the report cards to help explain it.  If you use reading levels at your school and provide the data to the parents, it is important that you explain it.  These are two-sided brochures that explains what each reading level looks like.
(Sadly, I no longer have the Microsoft Publisher document~such a long and ridiculously dumb story on my part)... But at least I have the PDF version!!!
Grab your copy from Google Docs
Do you need a 1st grade edition?
Grab your copy from Google Docs
We will conduct our second formal writing assessment. We will use this tool to score it.
Grab your copy from Google Docs
I have just completed my Communications Arts Assessments with are aligned with the Common Core Standards.
Click on the image to go to my TpT store.
You will go blind trying to see it, but I have color coded my student results.
Yellow = Advanced
Green = Proficient
Blue = Approaching
Red = Below Basic

For my concepts about print and phonemic awareness assessments I only color coded those who were not proficient.   This will help me to focus my interventions and create my small groups around those skills.
You can get your blank copy HERE.  Once you download it to your computer, it should look right!  It will look a little goofy in Google Docs.

AND another thing... I just remembered this document for running records. You can use this with any book and you do not need to know the word count ahead of time. Simply put a check mark in each box.  When all of the boxes are filled up, you have 100 words... % without the need of a calculator.  Use the bottom for a comprehension check.  We have had a version of this floating around my building for a while.  The original was a horrible copy, so I retyped it a long time ago.  I'm not sure where the original idea came from... but we LOVE it!

If you grabbed any of these documents and like them, please leave a comment.
Kind comments fuel my blogging!  So don't be stealth about it...

Happy Throwback Thursday!

Saturday, June 15, 2013

Nursery Rhymes Bundle Sale and Quick Giveaway!

So... update... I am still in the basement... I am still with this Wack-a-Doodle! So multiple times a day, I have to take him out for a walk so he dog stuff.    He is in LOVE with this old tree in our woods.   There is a little hole in the tree and I am 90% sure there is a family of some sort living in it.   It is a required  stop-and-sniff location.
Bless his sweet and simple mind!

In between his tree sniff adventures, I was able to complete a few more things... Yay!
Discounted until next Saturday!
 I made a Nursery Rhyme game, but I added a page of blank (editable) cards.   Some of you (like me) start sight words at the beginning of the year.   So this set will allow you to add those simple words.

I am in LOVE with the teacher wife's paper pack.  I used them in these two product covers.  
And I know I will get so much mileage out of this purchase. Do I have a favorite?   
Yes... all 113 of them!
Love! Them!

Then I decided to bundle all of my Nursery Rhyme units together. Right now (through next Saturday) you can get them at a 30% discount!
30% discount!
If you would like to win a bundle, I will be selecting 3 winners!

Now, I it is time for me to get packing for the Whole Brain Teaching Conference in Louisiana.  I am riding along with these fine ladies... check out their blog!   
I am super excited!!!
Are you going?

a Rafflecopter giveaway

Saturday, June 8, 2013

Organization Binders

Those sweet babies have a hard time getting organized!  I have used these binders for a few years now and I have been asked to make different themes.   Since I have been banished to the basement with the recovering pup... I have had time to work on these.

I have been asked how I use the behavior calendars... I have the students  "color their day" at the end of the day. This takes a bit to training at the beginning of the year, but they quickly catch on. I ask those who had a "yellow" or "red" day to bring their binder to me.  I can jot a quick note on their binder.   I ask parents to initial each day and the calender stays in their binder.   At the end of the month, I collect the calendars.  This is really handy information when you are looking for behavioral trends or progress monitoring.

So far I have made:
SPACE (update from last year)
Do you have any special requests?

Thursday, June 6, 2013

Poor Dexter! MORE Nursery Rhymes and a flash giveaway!

Doesn't he look pathetic?  
Poor Dexter had to have his ACL repaired (so did my husband a few months ago... hmmm?)

So the vet said, "He needs to remain in doors and calm for 2 weeks."   Um... he is DEXTER!   Calm is not in is vocabulary.  Thank goodness for doggie downers. So while he has been convalescing in our basement, I have been working... in the basement.  It has worked out pretty well, except he lacks depth perception and he slices your legs with this dang cone!   One more week... one more week!

Here is what I finished today! It includes the following Nursery Rhymes:
Hickory, Dickory, Doc
Twinkle, Twinkle, Little Star
Old Mother Hubbard
Itsy Bitsy Spider
Jack and Jill

The first set included these Nursery Rhymes:

This unit will be discounted through Saturday evening.
Here is the flash giveaway part.

Just like my Facebook page and leave a comment!

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Tuesday, June 4, 2013

I Teach K! Freebie

It is that time of year again!   I am really nervous excited because I will be presenting this year.

As you know, you can print out the handouts in advance. I am old school and I like to do this so I can take notes.  Last year, Kathleen Pedersen of  Growing Kinders suggested having them bound at Staples.

This is what last year's book looked like.

This year I made a variety of covers for you to use.

If you want them as a PNG {click here} and you can add your own blog button to the bottom like this.

Or you can have it in PDF {click here}.  You can just print it out.

See you in Vegas!

Monday, June 3, 2013

Summer Book Study? Well... Um...

I had a few emails asking if I had planned on hosting a book study like I had the previous two summers.   

Remember this one?
Click on the book cover to look at this summer of 2011 book study!
and this one?
Click on this book cover to see this summer of 2012 book study!
So this summer, I will be an observer of some blog book studies.

Here is one on a book that I love!!!!   
Click on the picture below to find this book study (I highly recommend it)

And here are a few that will be started soon.   If you click on the images, you can find out more.



Here is another book study that has launched. I read this a few years ago.  You can read about it {here}.   This is a wonderful resource.  If you would like to learn more, check out this book study.

Do you have some professional reading on your summer "to do" list?

Sunday, June 2, 2013

Done! Done! Done! And on sale for 20% off!

I am super excited to have this one done!   We included 5 poems for August and September!

As usual, we are offering this at a discounted rate for my followers!   The price will go up to $10 on Wednesday evening.

I will add this to the bundle tonight or tomorrow!

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