Saturday, June 15, 2013

Nursery Rhymes Bundle Sale and Quick Giveaway!

So... update... I am still in the basement... I am still with this Wack-a-Doodle! So multiple times a day, I have to take him out for a walk so he dog stuff.    He is in LOVE with this old tree in our woods.   There is a little hole in the tree and I am 90% sure there is a family of some sort living in it.   It is a required  stop-and-sniff location.
Bless his sweet and simple mind!

In between his tree sniff adventures, I was able to complete a few more things... Yay!
Discounted until next Saturday!
 I made a Nursery Rhyme game, but I added a page of blank (editable) cards.   Some of you (like me) start sight words at the beginning of the year.   So this set will allow you to add those simple words.

I am in LOVE with the teacher wife's paper pack.  I used them in these two product covers.  
And I know I will get so much mileage out of this purchase. Do I have a favorite?   
Yes... all 113 of them!
Love! Them!

Then I decided to bundle all of my Nursery Rhyme units together. Right now (through next Saturday) you can get them at a 30% discount!
30% discount!
If you would like to win a bundle, I will be selecting 3 winners!

Now, I it is time for me to get packing for the Whole Brain Teaching Conference in Louisiana.  I am riding along with these fine ladies... check out their blog!   
I am super excited!!!
Are you going?

a Rafflecopter giveaway


  1. Love your blog and your creations! Poor Dexter is going to miss you. Enjoy your trip.

  2. I just love your poetry packs and so do my kiddos!
    They were SO EXCITED when I gave them their poetry journals to keep at home after we reviewed them on the last day of school. They wanted to sing "In the Ocean" a billion times. That one was their favorite next to "I'm a Little Penguin" and the Money poem. Thank you so much for creating these!!!

  3. those pictures of dexter and his tree are a scream! i can only imagine his imaginations of his next time to visit. i am glad you have found time to make me some more interesting things to buy.
    i start out with nursery rhymes at the beginning of the year and these will be perfect.
    have fun on your trip. i will look forward to your blogging about what you did and saw.

  4. I'd love to win the nursery rhyme bundle! I, too am banished (to my bedroom) :-) as I recover from having my gall bladder removed on Wed.

  5. Oh my goodness! I would absolutely LOVE to win these. I'm planning on starting this year with a huge nursery rhyme push. This fits in perfectly! :)


  6. Your nursery rhyme activities are what I have been searching for to use this upcoming school year. Yes, it would be great to win the giveaway! If that does not happen, grabbing them at a discount is such a delightful consolation.


  7. Would definitely love to win these especially since our school district is adopting a new curriculum based largely on nursery rhymes. These units will definitely be a great asset. Thanks for the chance!

  8. Would definitely love to win these especially since our school district is adopting a new curriculum based largely on nursery rhymes. These units will definitely be a great asset. Thanks for the chance!

  9. I love your Units. I wish I was 1/2 as creative as you are. Your products have saved me time and filed in centers that I had no activities for. Thank you for the chance to win these units.

  10. Your units look awesome. Thanks for the opportunity!

  11. Your dog is precious! I'm glad you have time to put on a sale! Enjoy your summer:)

  12. DeeDee,
    Would love to have a chance to win this nursery rhyme bundle BUT I don't "do" Facebook so that knocks me out of 2 chances in Rafflecopter. Is there any other way I could enter to get 2 more chances? I love your units and have already purchased several!
    Thanks, Margaret

  13. DeeDee,

    Please let me know your thoughts on WBT ! I share a room (office space) with another colleague as a reading specialist and wondering if this approach would work in such a space with no sound barriers. Have a wonderful trip !


  14. I would love to attend a Whole Brain Teaching conference! I wonder if he will ever come to Australia...

    Lifelong Learners in Prep

  15. Your poetry activities are wonderful and my kids love them. I am so excited! My hubbs hopes I win because he knows if I don't I'm going to have to buy them!


  16. Feeling hopeful! I will be teaching a summer program for incoming Kindergarten students who have never been in pre-school or day care in a couple weeks. This would be so helpful! :)


  17. I am in awe of your ability to create these units. I created a blog last summer but never did anything - too intimidated, I guess :) Love the units and am giving more attention to Nursery Rhymes, too. They really are fun to teach!!

  18. I Love that you made the nursery rhyme pack because I like to start the year off with these. I sometimes feel if I don't expose my kiddos to them they may never hear them!

  19. I LOVE LOVE LOVE all your poetry packs - but your nursery rhymes are awesome!!! :) You are so amazing! :)
    Crayons and Curls

  20. miss Deedee,
    I want to be you when I grow up! Wait, I am grown up! I just love everything you do and share with us! Last year was my first year back to kinder after 8 years and without you I think I would have melted away from stress. Im a military spouse and have moved so much that I didnt get a good foundation teaching, so now I am soaking it all in. I just cant tell you how much what you do helps and supports others. Thank you! I dont know how you do it all but i am greatful...but that is the job description of a military spouse, isnt it? Do it all with a smile?! Lol. Have a wonderful week.

    1. Thank you Sherri!!! I am so happy you found my blog helpful! Thank you for YOUR service. My husband is in the reserves, but I know the active duty take the brunt of it! So thank YOU!


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