Sunday, April 14, 2013

Peek at My Week Linky and Bugs!!! (and a FREEBIE)

This week we are getting buggy!

Here is our poem! The cute graphics are from Ashley Hughes!

Click on the image to see the whole unit with station activities and emergent reader,

We love our poems... seriously!  I have one student who proclaims each new poems as, "THE BEST POEM EVERRRR!"  He is good for my soul!  We practice these poems, add them to our poetry notebook, make emergent readers, practice sorting activities, and look or various elements within the poems.   This is great for fluency!

I will be pulling these out of the tub to use in my small group work.

Here is a FREEBIE that I created last year.  It will be free in my store until next Sunday (April 21st) so grab it quick!

Here are my plans for the week!

Have a great week!


  1. Thank you for the fabulous freebie!

    Sprinkles to Kindergarten

  2. LOVE your April poem pack and the freebie! Thank you! :)

    Mrs. Lirette's Learning Detectives

  3. Thanks, Deedee!

    Meredith and I will be in Vegas on the Wed. & Thur. of the conference. you want us to sit in the front row or the back row of your session?!
    hugs, ReadWriteSing

    1. NO! WAY!!!! I am so excited that you are coming!! YAY!!!

  4. Thanks for sharing your freebie! :)

  5. Thanks for the opportunity to link up each week! I am amazed with your visual plans!
    Conversations in Literacy

  6. I am wondering do you get through ALL these stations each week?? Are you able to do more than one rotation a day?

    1. Yes, we do 2 math rotations and 2 literacy rotations each day. Not every student will get to every activity, but because the activities are familiar, I don't worry about it. I know they will have plenty of opportunities to practice these skills over an over. Does that make sense?

  7. Making visual plans was so fun! Thanks for the great linky party and I am looking forward to next week already :) :)

    3rd Grade Thoughts


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