Tuesday, April 16, 2013

Fiction writing

We have just started our fiction unit... and let's just say we are LOVIN' it!

I had to share this because it made me smile!

We looked at Jonathan London's biography which told us that he often takes his writing ideas from events he has experienced.   We looked at his Froggy books and realized we can take our own life experiences and add a fictional character... Just like Jonathan London does!

That Barbie has such style!


  1. So cute! She is an excellent story teller.

  2. Your writing samples always touch my heart, they are so precious, thank you so much for sharing - I am out of the kinder room this year, and I am missing my little writers!

  3. I love that Barbie is changing in the bathroom! Too cute!!

  4. I'm diggin' that Barbie! She is so cool! Diggin' that writing, too!!
    Peace, Love, and First Grade


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