Friday, March 8, 2013

Talking about writing in Transylvania!

Yesterday was amazing here in Pennsylvania! My students have been referring to this trip as my Transylvania trip! Ha!  

This trip started a little rocky... I got to the airport in St. Louis to find out that my connecting flight through D.C. had been cancelled due to weather, but they could get me to Harrisburg by 2:00pm on Thursday...AHH!!!   I was due to start my presentations at 9:00am.    Pan-ic!  Thus began the geography lesson I WISHED I would have payed attention to.  After involving the entire ticket agent counter at United Airlines, we decided that I could fly to Allentown and rent a car to drive to Harrisburg (like... less than 100 miles away).  That would get me to my hotel room by 2:00am-ish... I can do that!   

Delay, delay, delay... My flight landed in Harrisburg at 3:00am-ish, the Hertz guy STAYED 3 extra hours to make sure I got my car (love him), and I made it to my hotel and was tucked in by 5:00am.

Seriously!   I can NOT make this up.  I felt like I was IN one of THOSE movies.

Here is what I learned... Pennsylvania teachers and Hertz rental car guys are AWESOME!


One of the things that I have started in my class was adding a micro mini-lesson to my writing.  After I have finished my whole group mini-lesson, I invite a few students to stay on my carpet so we can do some goal setting or reteaching. I try to group the kiddos who have similar needs.

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 Here is what it look like!

I laminate this page and write on it with an Expo marker.  It is easy to update each day.   As you can see, I meet with them on the carpet one day...then the following day I confer with them.  In this way, I can follow up on the goal they set.  It helps the student and me focus.

We are almost done with unit 6 of our writers workshop series. This upcoming unit will be on zooming in on smaller narrative stories.

Previous units:

**Book making is introduced

Have a great Friday!


  1. YIKES Dee Dee! I didn't have any travel problems while presenting in December, January or the first of February. But the last week in February was terrible. I stood in more lines, waited in more airports, and was flip-flopped to so many different airlines to get me to the conference destination. And I was complaining about getting in at 2:00 a.m. Hopefully you got "the worst" delay experience out of the way, and it will be smooth sailing or "flying" from now on. Love your micro-mini-lesson idea.

    1. Hi Kathy, I thought I had replying to this earlier... I hope that is as bad as it gets. I had adrenaline working on my side so I seemed to have energy to take me through the day. "IF" they ever ask me again, I think I will not cut it so close. Everyone was so wonderful!

  2. You needed an assistant, lol! :-) Actually, sounds like you did just fine!

    We made books about cowboys this week. One of my lil guys drew an outlaw in a jail cell with another guy standing off to the side....the sentence said "He is fart!" So, he tells me that the outlaw is farting and the sheriff is trying to move as far away as possible. Well, hey, lil guy almost spelled the word correctly! Props for getting that tricky "ar" sound!

    Happy weekend! ReadWriteSing

  3. I have been loving those writer's work-shop units. Thank you! They have been a welcome addition to our writing instruction and my kiddos and I all love them :)
    Kickin' it in Kindergarten

  4. I wish I could be with you in Pennsylvania....for oh so more than one reason. I like the micro mini-lesson. That might be just what I need. I am loving these writing units.


  5. I love that idea for writing! I feel like I am constantly repeating myself with some of my students--so why not do them together! So simple! Thanks for the great idea!

    Ms. Cranfill's Class

  6. Deedee,

    Love the idea of a micro mini-lesson in addition to conferences. Looking forward to seeing you in Vegas this summer ! :)


  7. Hi Deedee!

    I was at your sessions in Transylvania. :) First let me start by saying, you are amazing! I left with so many wonderful ideas (which I was desperately hoping for prior to coming to the conference because this is my FIRST year of teaching!). During one of your sessions, you mentioned that you use Dojo for your behavior management. I am wondering if you have a reward after the students have so many points or what you do as an incentive?

    Thank you for all your great ideas!!

    1. Thanks Corinne! I had a ton of fun... ok... Dojo: I give a coupon for their first 25 points (it is sort of a school-wide "atta boy", at 50 points they get to go in the treasure box (cue angels to sing), at 75 they get a class reward coupon (so they can sit at my desk all day, go shoeless, bring a stuffed animal), at 100 they get to bring a friend to may room and we all eat lunch together. THEY LOVE THIS!

      I hope that helps!

  8. This micro-lesson is just what I've been needing! I feel like I'm running around telling many students the same thing during conference time. You are a genius to keep them on the rug an extra couple of minutes to give them the support they need! Thank you for sharing your fabulous ideas :)

    The Littlest Scholars


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