Saturday, March 16, 2013

Shades of Gray

Easy now... it is not THAT Shades of Gray!

A few weeks ago we had the most amazing assembly at school.
The assembly started out with a Josh Gray and Brett Cue speaking about perseverance and about believing  in yourself.  
Then we went outside.

 Boys and not try this at home.
 I really can not wrap my head around how this is possible.

 It was insane!   
They finished the show and he took our principal for a spin on his bike!   Brave woman!

Then the guys stayed after school and signed autographs forEVER!  They were mobbed by our students, and yet, a smile never left their faces.  Did I mention that they gave their time freely... as in...they did not charge one cent?

These guys are hoping to be invited to participate in the X Games.

Help these awesome guys out and... like his Facebook page.


  1. Fun! Fun! I bet this was a big hit with the students. Our whole school would LOVE this!

  2. Wow Deedee - I bet the kids were in AWE!!! Our school would love this too!

    Kindergarten Lifestyle

  3. I was thinking you had news of the movie...with yes THAT shades of Gray:) But still an awesome story. You caught my attention!

    The Resourceful Apple

  4. Wow! That is so sweet of them to give their time freely and sign autographs for the kids. Such a great experience. I am too chicken and would never be caught dead doing any of those crazy tricks but it looks thrilling to watch!


  5. Wow! What amazing and generous young men! I liked their FB page. I hope they make it to the Xgames!

  6. I will definitely like their page. I love when people do things for kids simply because they can! What a great experience for everyone involved.



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