Friday, March 22, 2013

Fly Me To The Moon...

This will be a photographic reflection of some of the awesome fun we had last week!  

1. My students love STACKS!  This is a game I invented that is sort of like a solitaire-ish game.  It really makes them think strategically!  BTW...they are learning at the same time.

2.  We had a little math journal fun!
3.   And we had several versions of Sequence going in my room depending on the student's needs.   Yes...I still have a few who benefit from beginning sounds.   Here are some of the other versions:

4.  We then took off to the moon!   We read a few books on the moon, then completed the Moon Matter of Facts from Cara Caroll's cute unit.  We also made her phases of the moon mobile.   Way easier than I thought it was going to be!   Whew!!!

 We made craters and wrote about it.  I'm pretty sure they loved EVERYTHING about this activity!!!   Even my shell collection went in!
Then we surveyed the class to decide if we wanted to go to the moon.   I loved their responses.

Top row
[I would like to go to the moon] because I could hit a rock and it wouldn't hurt my knuckles.
[I would not like to go to the moon] because it would cost us a lot of money.

Bottom row
[I would like to go to the moon] because I could do back flips.
[I would not like to go to the moon] because I would be away from family and friends.

5.  I found a fun video on You Tube. It was a little quick for us to get all of the lyrics, but it got us humming a long.  We listened to it a few times during the week... so it sunk in!

And who does not love Bill Nye?

For more adventures in the great unknown, I highly recommend this unit.  I love it!   I had not intended to study the solar system, but Sarah's engaging unit is on my list!


  1. Happy Saturday Deedee!! I have never heard of stacks before, but it looks awesome. I know my kids would love it! I will be checking that our for sure. I LOVE teaching about space, it is one of my favorite units to teach! Your activities look fabulous. Cara is truly a rockstar! Thanks for sharing those videos also! Hope you have a relaxing weekend girl!

    Keepin’ It Kool In KinderLand

  2. Ohmiword Deedee...there's nothing about this post I don't LOVE!!! I'm ALL.OVER that Stacks game and can't wait to get it and start using it with my littles. That looks like something that would be right up their little alley!!!! LOVE!!! Love you, girl!

  3. WOOHOO! Obsessed with everything you posted!!! My kinders would loveeee the stacks game, space fun and th, ch, sh games!Thanks for sharing!!!

    Head over to my blog to check out some writer's workshop fun, classroom pictures and more!! :) -Danielle-

  4. First, I loved the Frank Sinatra title. Second,every time you post, I end up adding something to my TPT wishlist! The husband is really learning to hate that site :) Loved the moon activities. Thanks for always inspiring!

  5. Love that stacks game...what a great idea! It will be a must for my wishlist. I miss doing a space unit! They are so much fun!

    Clearly Kindergarten


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