Saturday, February 16, 2013

iPad Linky and a Give Away

Thank you Teachers!  I just purchased two iPads for my what?

I need your expertise!  What apps do you love?   Which ones should I purchase for my kindergarteners?

You can comment with your app suggestions or link a past post!

I will select a winner Monday evening!

The winner will receive a $25 iTunes gift card!

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  1. Try Evernote or Goodreads. you can have account for your class of books the kids recommend.

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  3. Be sure to get eStoria from Scholastic. You get 5 FREE to start!

    First Grade a la Carte

  4. Oh what a great post! We are getting some for our rooms soon, and I can't wait! I will be anxious to hear all of the responses to this one!

  5. 1. You NEED Apple TV to go with it. Apple TV allows you to use your iPad and Lap top {if it's a newer version Mac} wirelessly and project it on your screen!!!! IT'S SIMPLY AMAZING! It's like having a smart board without all the chaos and creating smartboard lessons! I'm telling you... Apple TV is the SHIZ! And the best app to go with it is Doceri. :)

  6. I love to use Letter School it is handwriting practice with upper and lowercase letters and numbers 1-10. Endless alphabet is cool it is free and works on vocabulary. Also rocket speller for sight words. I got the kinder town app and they give suggestions every week if great apps to use! Have fun and your students will LOVE using them!

  7. I follow your blog!


    Loads of resouces by the catagory.

  9. My favorite apps to use with my Kinders are: Word Wizard, Wet Dry Try app, Starfall ABCs, Lakeshore's Letter of the Day, Lakeshore's Sound Sorting, Scholastic's Storia, Numberline Frog & Ten Frame Fill!

  10. And might I add... Apple TV is only $99, but you do need a video converter box.

    2. the Teach Me apps are great!

    3. I use Sock Puppet App to retell stories with my students! SO FUN!

  11. eSTORIA from Scholasic is great!

  12. WWF- World Wildlife
    Night Sky

  13. I like educreations. It's like having an interactive whiteboard. They have a free version and a paid version. I have the free one and its great. And yes the Apple TV is a must!! I use it all the time.

  14. IMovie. Perfect to use for them to see and hear them read.

  15. One of my FB "likes" was asking the same question. I compiled a list of apps that people posted that they liked. Here they are:

    Teach Me by 24x7
    Magnetic ABC
    Appsfire deals (this gives you a list of current free apps.)
    Write My Name by Injiny
    Letter School
    ABC Teacher – fun songs for letters fo the alphabet
    Handwriting without tears (fine motor)
    Word Magic
    Build a Word
    Super Why
    Number Sense (a must)
    AU Addition
    UnderSea Math
    Make Change
    Sum Stacker (high flyers)
    Doodle Buddy (for fun)
    Doceri Everyday (lets you control computer from your ipad)
    Scholastics Storia
    Spell O Raus (5 spelling words)
    Marble Math Jr.
    Math Ninja
    Don’t Let the Pigeon Run this App
    Sock Puppets
    Sentence Maker
    Just to be rocket math
    I Write Words (focuses on proper letter formation)
    Bugs and Bubbles by Little Bit Studio
    Bugs and Buttons
    Bugs and Numbers (subscription for e-books)
    Eggy 100
    Math Fish
    There is a pin on Pinterest for free apps, for grade level, based on the Common Core Standards! Great apps!
    Reading Raven
    Umi Zoomi Math
    Splash Math
    Playful Minds 5-8
    Reading Rainbow

  16. Class dojo, show me, puppet pals, sock puppets,toontastic.

    I am super jealous!

  17. SuperReaders is very good! :)

  18. I really like Montessori Crosswords for word building. It has levels of words that are just perfect for my kindergartners. There is also a Montessori Numbers app that is like a hundreds chart for them to complete. It is okay, too.

  19. Lakeshore Learning Tic Tac Toe phonics is a must
    Number Bubbles teaches addition
    Quick Images-this is a subitizing game

    These are my absolute favorite! There are lot more!

  20. I like:
    ABC Magic 1, ABC Magic 2, ABC Magic 3- Free
    Sock Puppets- Free
    Spelling Magic 1, Spelling Magic 2, Spelling Magic 3- Free (actually are more phonics than spelling)
    Sentence Magic- Free
    Magnetic ABC- Free
    Sky Writers- $1.99

    Literacy Without Worksheets

  21. I love Letter School, Don't Let the Pigeon Run This App and pretty much anything by Duck, Duck Moose. Have fun!
    Polka Dot Kinders

  22. I love Letter School and Teach Me Kindergarten. You will love using the ipads with your kindergarteners.

  23. You will love them for your classroom! I have seven I-Pads so far, and my kiddos LOVE them! Their favorite apps include Letter School, Monkey Math, and Pete the Cat. I have a big list if you need suggestions. Have fun! The Apple TV is wonderful, too!

  24. I love and follow your blog! I'd love to win!

  25. Thanks for the opportunity. I follow your blog.

  26. I agree with all the posts about the appleTV!! They are great and really increase the students engagement. Our school is in the Process or becoming a one-to-one school so every teacher has an ipad to use in their room. We also have a cart we can check out wit 30 ipads on it and are told that next year each grade level with have their own cart!! This is exciting as we only have 2 sections for each grade!! Some of the apps that I have found that are a must are:
    Little Finder (good for new vocabulary)
    Story Chimes has all kinds of interactive books
    Toy Story interactive book (Free)
    Cat in the Hat LITE interactive book(Free)
    Sight Words touch
    Little Speller
    Toontastic- Fun to create stories with students
    Dramatic (sound effects)
    Nearpod (There is a teacher and student version you need both)You can create interactive lessons for the students and they can only advance when you let them
    QR code reader is a must!! There are lost of free ones
    You create QR codes and can use them in a write/read the room center
    Sock Puppets is fun
    McGraw-Hill has good apps
    Monkey Math
    Chictionary is good for older kids
    Interactive white board apps: Educreations, Skitch, and ScreenChomp
    MyStory they can publish thir writing using the ipads

    These are some of the good ones I have found! ENJOY!!!

  27. I love Teach Me: Kindergarten and Teach Me: First Grade! Each student can have their own "page" and you can track their progess with certain skills. My kids also love to use the clock to do your "time me" literacy station. ;)
    (first week in the blogging world)

  28. I use my iPad as a "listening to reading" station during Daily 5. I have just found some stories that I will be adding this week by "Nosy Crow" creators:
    Cinderella/Three Pigs/Little Red Riding Hood/Parker Penguin, and then I found 'Red in Bed' by Josh On....this one is interactive with cute!!

  29. I linked up to your linky party. In addition to the ones mentioned in that post, my students are loving using QR codes (to link to websites) that I create using You can also find a link to creating QR codes: QR Codes


  30. litle monkey apps: I use these for math and they are super...they will help your kids subitize and work with ten frames. also they help with composing and decomposing numbers.
    missing number, sutizing flash cards, Friends of ten, dominoes,number lines

    Next is hungry fish: kids love to connect the bubbles that make up the number on the fish for him to eat

    everyday mathematics: top it; kids add two cards and determine greater/lesser..
    monster squeeze- with a number try to guess the magic number given guesses they make with clues
    lakeshore: letter of day, beginning sounds
    handwriting: wet, dry try from handwriting without tears, letter schools writing app
    abcya; math and word bingos
    starfall: reading stories and the vowel work
    millie stories from megapops- cute stories about a dog, millie, and her adventures. they are interactive where kids have to find secret hidden things on the screen after they listen to the story.
    app finding is addictive...

  31. We have a family iPad - I don't have one for my classroom yet, but a neighboring teacher has these apps:

  32. Counting Beads is one of my absolute favorites! Students put the numbers or letters in order by moving beads. You can set it to even be a race! A must have!

    Another good one is Read on Sight. It is like word tiles without the tiles. The students make sentences that are shown and read to them out of letter tiles. You can even choose which Dolch words to use.

    I also like ABC Tracer, the paid version. There is more than just tracing letters and numbers in the app. It actually shows students when they are tracing wrong.

    Anything by Alligator Apps and Grasshopper Apps have been pretty good too! A lot of times they offer them for free too!

    Enjoy the great ipads!! The kids will love them!

    Reading Toward the Stars

  33. laura here again,
    i also use stick picks daily to choose my leader/caboose, student of the week..etc.
    i use class dojo as well.
    earlier i posted but didn't leave my name...
    i don't have a i think i goofed checking that off on the raffle copter....but you know i follow your blog...and tpt store if that counts.
    enjoy finding is addictive.
    i have all mine in little folders for kids to get
    my personal apps are in my own folder they know not to go there...

  34. WOW! I am busy checking out a lot of these apps! Here is the url to a Wiki that my amazing iPad team put together. We are constantly adding to it. This link takes you directly to the list of primary apps.
    An Open Door

  35. Monkey math and monkey word are a couple of my favorites! I also like bugs and buttons!

  36. Apps-
    Touch write
    Letter school
    Star fall
    Monkey math
    Storya by scholastic

  37. I follow your blog and as far as apps, my kids love the Teach Me apps. They come in pre-k, k, 1st, 2nd and maybe even 3rd grade. You can track each child's progress. When they answer questions, they earn coins and can spend them on fun stickers within the app. Enjoy the iPads!
    Fantastic First Grade Froggies

  38. Letter School and Monkey Math are a favorite with my kinders.

  39. Also if you have a projector you can hook up a laptop to get splashtop or splashtop whiteboard.It connects your ipad to your laptop so you can control your laptop from your ipad.

  40. Some suggestions:
    Hungry Fish, Super Why, Electric Co. , Reading Raven
    Use VoiceMemo to record your students reading.
    The QR reader is fun. Check out my blog. I have a tutorial and some freebies.

    You'll want to import your books on CD onto iTunes as well.

  41. Grasshopper apps are great. simple without distractions :)

  42. Some apps we love for my Kindie son and Pre-school daughter are:
    Teach Me
    Monkey Math
    Umizoomi math
    Stack the States (any geography-loving students??)
    Alien Buddies

    I use DoodleBuddy a lot with my students -- serves as a whiteboard, but more fun! :)

    Have fun figuring them out!!! Can't wait to hear which apps YOU love!

    abcs and polkadots

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  44. So exciting! I use iPads in my classroom almost everyday! You are going to love them. I would highly suggest looking through the free apps before you buy anything! I am pretty sure most of the apps we have a available for the students are free. I will look on Tuesday at school for the specific names of the apps we use the most. You might also want to check into something called Splash Top. A few teachers are using it and it lets you connect to your desk top and anything you do on your iPad is saved to your desk top. I don't have it yet, so I don't really know much yet. Good luck!


  45. I have linked up with my blog post about ipad apps. I have them into categories for each subject. I hope you enjoy them in your classroom. The kids will love it.

    Apps I recommend:
    * app is free or has a lite version

    Multiple subjects
    Teach me kindergarten, (also teach me toddler and first grade) only $.99 cents each
    *ABC letters (mathaliens- also has shapes numbers)
    *iplay and sing
    ABC magnetic land
    *Feed Me!
    *Puppet Pals
    Drawing Pad

    For literacy/writing
    *iwritewords (there is also a spanish version)
    make a word
    *Montessori Words
    *Time Reading
    *tales2go (free for a limited time, definitely a great app!)
    starfall ABC's
    *magnetic ABCs
    ABC magic
    *ABC tris
    *word magic
    *abc phonics
    *alphabet tracing
    *play and learn

    *RF Alphabet
    *sightwords free

    *A-Z books (like the leveled readers website) has one free book levels aa-j
    *Toy Story
    *the grouches
    *Dictionary (curious george)
    *Read Me Stories
    *big secret
    *Storychimes (multiple stories)
    Pop Out Peter Rabbit
    Dr.Seuss ABC
    Xmas Tale
    *going places
    *TTiptoes (tale of timmy tiptoes by b. potter)
    *what's that you're eating?
    *iReading HD17
    There are also several Dr. Seuss and Miss Spider's lite versions available.
    Park Math
    counting (great for counting to 20 practice)
    *Freddy Fraction
    *Numbers (montessori)
    *Make shapes
    *animals count
    *sticker shop (money)
    *Lets do math
    *Math ninja (the kids LOVE this)
    *times tables
    *lets tans
    *undersea math
    *math circus
    *mathboard addition
    *fraction reducer

    Puzzles (my daughter loves these)

    It's a Jungle Out There!




  47. For fun, my students love Let's Color from Lazoo.

    Pencils, Books, and Dirty Looks

  48. Of course I'm a follower of your blog! My iPad suggestion would be LetterSchool from Boreaal.

  49. I follow your blog. Love what you do!

  50. I don't have an iPad in the classroom, but I use my iPod for the Confer app. I use it to track my guided reading groups in particular, but have adapted it for all of my marks. I can send the information to GoogleDocs for a hard copy.

    My lowest KIDS are using a 'making words' app with the Reading Support teacher. It has gathered the attention of the lowest little guys in stretching out simple CVC words. They actually buy into reading and are engaged with the iPad. Wish I had one for the classroom, too!

    1. oops forgot the email address:

  51. Great suggestions!!! I follow you

  52. I absolutely love, love your blog!! I have an iPad of my own that I let students use as a reward or for extra practice. Their favorite is Write My Name by Injini. I also utilize the Sight Words by Alligator Apps during my sight word practice time and they LOVE it! Another one by Alligator Apps is Phonics Genius.

    Keep up the inspirational work and have fun with your new iPads!

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  54. I am new to using iPads in the classroom as well. I have two iPads on their way! I cannot wait. Here are two that I think will be great!
    iWriteWords $2.99
    Sentence Builder-Free

  55. My kinder son loves
    Reading eggs
    Carson dellosa apps
    Teach me
    E storia from scholastic

  56. The two I know about are ABC Tracing and Pocket phonics. I too am currently searching for good apps as we are buying them for our classrooms soon.
    ✿Tiffani Time 4 Kindergarten

  57. My daughter loves Monkey Math and her FAVORITE apps right now are Teach Me Kindergarten and Teach Me First grade.

  58. I love the Counting Together app for helping kids learn to subitize numbers!
    Swamp Frog First Graders

  59. I love, read, and follow your blog!! : )

  60. You blog is so fun to follow! Thanks for all your great suggestions! Good luck and enjoy the iPads!
    Swamp Frog First Graders

  61. Congrats on your iPad purchase! You will LOVE them!
    Some of our favorite apps are iWriteWords (for letter formation and handwriting), Word BINGO, and Math BINGO. My kiddos can't get enough!
    Colleen :-)
    Fun and Fearless in First

  62. I have one old iPad for my students to use. Most of my freebie apps have come from the Smart apps for Kids website. Three of my students's favorites were purchased: Monkey Math, Monkey Word and Monkey Preschool. Cimo Spelling is also a favorite(free lite version). I also have two great free 2-player McGraw Hill math apps that I found through Smart apps for kids recently: Squeeze and Top-it.

  63. My kindergarten students love Bugsy Math and Montessori Crosswords. Congratulations on your new purchase!

  64. Hi Dede! I am the technology person for my campus and I am teaching tomorrow on apps for Daily 5. I can send you my notes when I finish later today if you want. But to get you started, check out this URL:

    Open it with your ipad and it will link you directly to to app sotre for each of the apps. Also, I don't know if you know this tip, but if your two ipads use the same email address and password (which they probably do since you own them) you can sync them so that any app you put on one you can automatically download to the other. Let me know if you don't know how to do this and I can help you.

    Sprinkles to Kindergarten

  65. Oh, but two must haves I feel are Screen Chomp and Read me Stories. They are both free. Screen Chomp is awesome in that students can record themselves reading and writing sight words, etc. Great for Word Work and Read Me Stories is just a bunch of stories being read to students. I also love Spelling Magic and Word Magic. These two are great for CVC words and medial vowels.

    Sprinkles to Kindergarten

  66. Sorry, I just love to share. Another that we love is Sock Puppets. Students record themselves reading their published books on it. Theyh get to create a stage and pick puppets to use. They love it and it builds fluency in a fun way.

    Sprinkles to Kindergarten

  67. I follow on gfc.

    lovelydomesticdiva (at) gmail (dot) com

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  69. I love your blog. I have a presentation I use for teachers with new iPads. It's a few teacher tested kids approved apps. Enjoy!

  70. I have used classroom timer which works like the expensive ones you can by at teacher stores. You set the time and it gives a visual display in red getting smaller by the second. I tend to display it over the projector to let students know how much time they have left to work.

    I also like using Too Noisy. With sensitivity settings, students can monitor their noise level during quiet work time. Both of these were free apps

    Scoot pad is another favorite website offering an app for students to log in, and common core aligned.

    And if you struggle with flash player issues, Rover is a free app that help you get around that problem. For instance through Rover my students can access

  71. Our kids love the Bugs and Buttons and Bugs and Bubbles. We like anything Starfall and also the Lakeshore apps.

  72. Brightstart apps are fun, park math is good. I also have a tic tax toe app. There is a sentence maker app, pete the cat, and kids doodle are all fun. I teach pre-k so most of mine deal with letter recognition but I have a few advanced kids that benefit from the ones I listed.

  73. My favorite math app is Bugs and Buttons (and I believe they came out with another). Patterns, sorting, counting. Great app!

  74. Haven't read all the comments yet, but I love to visit to see what free apps they are linking to or giving away. I have been able to get lots of wonderful free apps for my class. One of our favorites is MonkeyMath and Sound Sorting by Lakeshore.

  75. Smart Apps for Kids have tons of free apps that they recommend. Plus they let you know when apps are free for a limited time. I have gotten some great apps free from Everyday Math, McGraw-Hill reading/phonics. etc. Great resource.
    Kathy B.

  76. I follow your blog and follow you on Facebook.
    Kathy B.

  77. I am new to the app world, too...but love scholastic's storia. I am so glad you asked this question...what an awesome list of apps on the responses! Thanks for asking!! :)

  78. I follow your blog! I can't wait to check out all these great apps!

    Bubblegum Tree

  79. I follow your blog! There are lots of great educational apps. I love these: Cimo Spelling, Counting Together, Letterschool, Booksy, Bugs and Numbers, Splash Math and Monster Squeeze. So glad you had this link up so I can get some more ideas!
    A is for Apple B is for Blog

  80. I love Storia as many others have mentioned. I use it all the time to project nonfiction texts on my board so we can look at the text features together. I also love ScootPad. It is a great web tool that can be accessed through an app as well. It's a great way for the kids to practice CCSS and sends the teacher a report for progress monitoring. I linked up my post about this great app. Check it out!

    The Bubblegum Tree

  81. Counting Together, free version is good but the plus version for 99 cents is great and 4 kids can play at a time which really helps when you only have one or two iPads for the class to share! I also use letter school and pocket phonics for rti. Thanks for sharing!

  82. I love Book Retriever to keep track of your classroom library. You can scan the book's barcode.

  83. I follow your blog.

  84. I just read through the apps posted and grabbed some new ones! I follow your blog and linked up! :)

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  86. Pocket phonics is a great app if you follow the letter and sounds program from the UK.

    We find books being read in YouTube, save them as favourites and then teach the kids how to access favourites! Listening post without all the drama. We download books like Elmer and Dr Suess. Much cheaper than real books.

    Take photos and videos of learning and buy a VGA cable. Plug the iPad via the cable into your interactive whiteboard and you have a giant screen for reflection time and real learning experiences to show and learn from.

    I like different handwriting apps and drawing apps amongst many others. Sometimes the simplest are the best. Magnetic letters are awesome fun and sight words for testing and practising. The sky is the limit!

    Apps are personal I think and depends what you like and how you teach. My Story (drawing, writing and recording stories), I can animate (stop frame animation) time timer (visual timer for ... too many to mention here!

  87. Futaba Classroom Games was my favorite app to use in my K classroom. I only had 1 iPad & I used this app as a center activity (up to 4 kiddos can play at one time). The kids absolutely loved using the iPad, loved the game, and I could adjust the game to whatever skill we were working on.

  88. I follow your blog & LOVE it! Thanks for posting this...I can't wait to go back & read what everyone else's suggestions are!

  89. Congrats on the iPads! You and your kinderkiddos will love them! I didn't see anyone mention AR (augmented reality) apps. Using the camera they basically combine elements from the app with your environment. My students and I love Fetch! Lunch Rush from PBS kids. Its a great AR app that works on addition in a fun 3D way! I'll be blogging about it later this week on my new blog so stop by if you can! We are new at this whole blogging thing & still trying to get the hang of it but we are apps and education focused! Thanks for the great giveaway!

  90. I'm a follower and I'm pinning this post so that I can come back and read all of the comments!

    Donna Williams

  91. We just got 6 iPads for our K5 team (7 classes) so we're taking turns having them for a day. It's been suggested that we get two for each class, but I can't quite see how I can get the best use from just two. I often have 5 in a station for math or reading workshops. I would love for you to post more about how you begin to use the two in your class.
    Here's what we love so far...

    Bugs and Numbers is the bomb! It has a little of everything...from counting and patterns to missing addends to counting to 100. Very boy friendly and even the girls haven't said ugh!

    ABC Pocket Phonics - full version. The lite version only gives you a taste. Letter formation moves on to building words and it guides kids through sounding and blending the words.

    Spelling Bee - spell CVC words, won't let them make a mistake.

    Hungry Fish and Hungry Guppie create different adding combinations to feed the fish the correct number. Hungry Guppie features dot arrays with numbers. Hungry fish just numbers.

    Brainpop Jr. offers the movie of the day for free.

    Be careful of Chicktionary...I don't have any students who can handle it but I find it very addictive!

    Donna Williams

  92. Ok so you have ipad bigger than what apps to use the question is how to manage. I have a great system that i take a screen shot of the apps and then cut up the apps and make bookmarks out of each app. I have a library pocket for each kid and then I put the bookmark/apps that they can play that week. this keeps the ones who need extra practice with certain things on track... If you need help or a picture email me directly

  93. Ok so you have ipad bigger than what apps to use the question is how to manage. I have a great system that i take a screen shot of the apps and then cut up the apps and make bookmarks out of each app. I have a library pocket for each kid and then I put the bookmark/apps that they can play that week. this keeps the ones who need extra practice with certain things on track... If you need help or a picture email me directly

  94. Great question! My class loves Where's My Water, Bugs and Buttons, Bugs and Bubbles, Puzzle Penguin and Doodle Buddy.

    Check out the blog - "I teach with Ipads" she has so much great info!

    Good luck. I added a long list on my blog as well.


  95. I just received 2 ipads for our kindergarten love all the ideas

  96. I follow your blog!!

  97. I love the ABA apps and Proloquo2go app

  98. Wow! I can't believe how many wonderful apps are out there. Thanks for all the ideas and suggestions!

  99. So I tried to see if anyone already mentioned it....


    It's an amazing site that lets you see what other people thought about apps. Shows you free apps and gives out promo codes for free APPS. WHy yes, I love free!

  100. Little writer
    Scribble my story
    absolute board

    I use a program on my computer called reflector that lets me mirror my ipad on to the computer. Then I can hook my computer up to my large screen tv and everyone can see what is on my ipad. If you google reflector you can download the trial version and it will let you use it for 10 minutes a day. The program cost me $15 and I use it all the time. There is another program that does the same thing, but I don't remember what it is called.

  101. I love 'teach me k'. Check out my blog for other great apps I use .

  102. I love StoryKit. It is free and kids can create their own stories with text, handwriting, photos and drawings. Oh, and they can record their voice.

  103. I only have one iPad, so I am not really using it as much as I should. That being said there are a few apps I love. For me are the common core standards and common core look-fors. For the kids I like Little Writer and iWriteWords (for handwriting...both make the kids write their letters the correct way)), and Little Speller. For teaching and for fun I like songify and Paint With Time. I am always surprised that my grandkids never seem to tire of watching the seasons change or the room get cleaned or the lady grow old. And the best's free.

    I have a cord that attaches my ipad to my computer and smartboard. That is how I was going to show the class the seasons changing (my projector went out and I was without my smartboard for 6 weeks.

    Terri Izatt

  104. I couldn't link up but here is my information on using the Dr. Seuss Camera: The Cat in the Hat Edition.
    Have fun with your new iPads.


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