Wednesday, August 29, 2012

Writer's Workshop Update...and something else!

So I took these photos yesterday, but by the time I got home last night I was in a coma!

Here is what my writer's workshop looked like on the day 4!  Yippee!   WE! ARE! FOCUSED!

 I have my sweeties start with pencil, then they can add color.  We are working on our stamina, so we writing with pencil for 7 minutes right now!  It is hard to be patient... but I know we will build upon that.

I have had some emails about the year long writing "plan" that Deanna Jump and I working on.  Here is a sketch of the units we have planned. Our second unit on Narratives should be ready in a week or two. You can find Unit 1 by clicking here!

AND... finally... We use Fundations in our school.  I wanted to have roll-a-letter activities that followed our letter introduction scope and sequence (although it will work for other scope and sequences).

That is it friends!  I am going to fall asleep so quickly tonight!

Sunday, August 26, 2012

Peek at my Week Back to School #2

So last week was our first week back. We had just three days, but I already know that this year is going to be amazing!

Naturally, I over planned... better to have more to do than not enough...right?

We only did one rotation of math stations and one rotation of literacy stations a day (on Thursday and Friday), so I will keep my stations the same.

Here is the overhead station and a fine motor station tracing activity (loved! this!) 
 Here is the writing station

Here are my lesson plans for next week.  It will be my goal to have these posted by Saturday of each week. I was busy yesterday finishing up my portion of the 2nd Writer's Workshop Unit. 
Here is a link to the first 4 weeks of lessons
I believe this will be ready to post by next week... YAY!

Enjoy your week!!!

I started a linky party over at Blog Hopper for some back to school books.  
Click below to hop on over!

Wednesday, August 22, 2012

Where I Teach Wednesday-Linky!

So today is the first day of school!   Yippee!   I have been working hard for a few weeks and ...well...this is where I work!

 In my classroom library I have pillows.  I have made pillow covers out of towels in the past. I wanted new colors this year, so I called my mom!!!

This is a cheap way to cover old pillow forms.  Check out how you can make your own WASHABLE pillows!!!

Check out some of these other classrooms!

Tuesday, August 21, 2012

Technology Tip Linky

You might have a hard time believing this, but I am not that much of a techie person.  I want to be... I vow to be... but when it comes down to it, I think I am in the "old dog" category.   Let's just say it does not come naturally to me.

Our technology director assures me that this is NOT technology...So I won't include the overhead!
These little do-dads are pretty awesome.  I got them last year from Learning Resources.  They allow you to quickly record 10 seconds of chatter.   Here is how I use them.  After I have introduced a new station, I discuss the instructions with my kiddos.  We decide which instructions I should record.  Then I flip them over  and record them while my kids are watching me.  Here is what one says from last year, "Roll the three dice.  Decide if the word you made is a real word or a silly word.   Write the word on your paper... No scribble-scrabble."

Then these go into the station bin and the kids can listen to the instructions over and over if they need to.
I sincerely LOVE my phone.  I lost it once last summer for like 8 hours and I was in the fetal position for the first 2 hours... NOT GOOD!

And I love my laptop... My sweet, sweet son ordered the skin for my Dell last year for my birthday!

How sad am I...  Not very techie... but I try!   I am certain you will find more advanced ideas over at Blog Hoppin... so check it out! 

Monday, August 20, 2012

Must Have Monday Linky

What must I have?  My list is long!

Here are just a few items that are never too far away from my classroom. My students and I love these markers.  They last me all year. 
Click on the image to buy these from Amazon

Adhesive Magnetic Dots. I use these to attach a ton of stuff and they stay put! I used to use hot glue to attach the magnets to my laminated word wall words.  But at random times the magnets would pop off and the cards would flutter to the floor... so sad.  These do the trick!

Click on the image to buy these from Amazon

Spinners... Beats the heck out of a paperclip and a brad. I usually order a ton at the beginning of the year so I have them ready when I need them.

Click on the image to buy these from Amazon

And... well... I am never too far away from this elixir of life!

I linked up... Won't you?

Sunday, August 19, 2012

Back to School Peek at my Week

Yay!   It's back! I know many of you were asking for this... so here you go!

Click on any picture to download the files with hyperlinks!

Here are my stations plans!

I created a new game that goes with Chicka-Chicka-Boom-Boom!

Have a great week friends!

Thursday, August 16, 2012

Too Much Time on Your Hands?

So my email inbox has been buzzing with questions about reader's and writer's workshop. I can sense the panic in some people's emails.  One thing I never hear is that they have ample planning time. 

Here is my story...   Everyday we are given 50 minutes for planning.  That is pretty generous because I some some people have less than that!  Within these 5 50 minute periods, we spend one talking about intervention students and usually another one is used to plan grade level things... that leaves 3-50 minute plan periods... Now I envy people who can get all of their weeks planning, copying, and collating done in 150 minutes, but honestly  I am not one of those people.  So I feel like I never have enough plan time.

This is why I love Kim Adsit's and Michelle Scannell's new Reader's Workshop Series. Ser-i-ous-ly!!  I have been "doing" reader's workshop for years, but I know my lessons were not this well thought out (or as cute). 
 I've met Kim... I trust her... she is SMART...and she knows emergent readers. 

She has three units out so far.  As I was reading through them I found myself nodding... Yep! Yep! Yep!  Essentially, my first 12 weeks of reader's workshop has been so well planned out for know, the kind of lessons you REALLY want your principal to pop in on!
Click below to find her units on TpT.

So I have been working on a few things too...   Have you ever heard of this lady named Deanna Jump?  
We have pooled our thoughts centered around writing.   We have our first unit out which is launching the writer's workshop.

You can find the unit on Deanna's store.

We have completed about 70% of unit two which is centered around narratives. Unit #2 should be up within a week or two.

I have attached the "Big Ideas" for the rest of the units that will be planned as the year progresses. You will notice that the Common Core Standards surrounding writing are covered!  Yay!   

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