Saturday, December 1, 2012

Peek at my Week-Christmas!!!

I have been asked to share a little about the poetry units. Here are some photos. These poems are from our December Poetry Unit, but you can do the same thing with your own poems.  Students should be very familiar with the items you place in your stations.  Reading this poem every day helps to build fluency, plus it is fun.  My kiddos loved taking turns holding the gingy while we sang along.

 Here is the poem we wrote for next week.
Because my kids were familiar with the Sequence game, we were able to quickly adapt to the letter/sound version.
Click on the picture to grab this fromTpT
 We love using the Promethean Board for handwriting timing!  It is amazing how motivating a $5 timer can be!
Click on the picture to grab this from TpT
 Here are some of the amazing items I got my hands on. The links to these products can be found in my peek of the week!

Deanna Jump's Elf Capades
Kim Adsit's Shapes Galore
Rachelle Smith's Holidays Around the World

You can see some of the other things I got by reading this post!!

Here is a Freebie I loaded last week!

Here are my plans for next week.  You can download the plans with the resource links by clicking on any of the photos below.
UPDATE:  Sheesh!  So sorry... operator error on my part!  I fixed the settings... sorry!!! You should now be able to get the plans.

Have a great week!


  1. I love it Deedee, you are SO thorough!

  2. MWAHHHHH!!!!! Thanks for the shout out!!!!! I love your December Poetry Stations!!!!

  3. Looks great, but I get a message that I have to have permission to access. Help!!


  4. Yes, I also got a message that I needed permission to access the peek-at-week plans. Never encountered that before. :( How can I get your awesome plans?


  5. I'm having the same problem with accessing the peek-at-week plans. Thanks, I love your stuff!

  6. So Sorry!!! I fixed the link! EEKK!

  7. Deedee,
    Once again, your Writing Work Stations are a hit with my kids! They were rather peeved when I didn't get the December ones up yet (due to a dead laminating machine)! So, thanks for your great work!
    Teaching Fabulous Firsties!

  8. I didn't realize you could use your Overhead Station for the Promethean cool...just added to my wishlist! I purchased your December poetry pack and can't wait to use the gingerbread poem next week....thanks for your great products.

    Kindergarten Kel

    1. Hi Kelly... yes, I print the pages on white paper and have the students lay them under the document camera. Then I open the Promethean program and set it to transparent.

      If I get my act together, I just might scan the documents into the program directly...Ha!

  9. DeeDee,

    I am a first year teacher...trying to figure out literacy stations. I printed your station cards yesterday(I love how you have smaller groups...and flip the stations I never would have thought about doing that). I also bought your I can station cards which are a revelation to me as well. I would have never thought to give specific tasks at big book, library, and poetry! Wahooooo! I am so excited about finally giving meaning to my stations! I believe its going to give me time for my small groups...which has been lacking because I have had such trouble keeping them on task without a good system.

    I do have a question. Do you switch stations weekly? or a longer roation? I have 22 students and to do 2 to a station it would seem that it would need to be longer to get everyone through each station.

    I have your writing station (my kids love it!) and just bought your stamping station. I am looking at your games too. I have to work on bringing in one thing at a time. :)

    Thank you for all your hard work and for sharing!

    1. Hi Traci, I am so glad you are finding my resources helpful.

      I do rotate some stations weekly and some (like the games where I want them to repeatedly practice something) stay longer. I also don't rotate EVERYthing on a Monday (as you can see from my poetry/pocket chart station). I try to keep the tasks familiar and just swap out the materials. This allows me to work with my groups.

  10. I saw somewhere you only do 15-20 minutes per activity. I guess I am just thinking if I have the stamping station out, I want everyone to have a turn at it. If I do groups of two that would take more than one week to get everyone through that page. Am I missing something? Traci

  11. Love all of your stuff - especially your writing workshop! I'm a big Katie Wood Ray fan :) You may like the conferencing forms I use during Writer's Workshop - check them out here : (for free!)

  12. Your wealth of knowledge and your kind heart to share all your items is remarkable! THANKS AND STOP BY ANYTIME!

  13. You are amazing Deedee! I love coming to visit you! I just shared some Christmas poetry *freebies*...I would love for you to come and check them out if you get the chance. My kiddos always love the Polar Express song/poem and Hello Santa. They will still be singing/reading Hello Santa in May!!! Lol! =)


    Heather's Heart

  14. I homeschool and my kids love the poetry stations! We do them together! They loved the Winter's Here Poem (they sing it all day) and now we are the Gingerbread Man poem and I can not get the get the tune right to that poem for the life of me. Can you, maybe.....record you or your class singing it so we can get it right?
    Thank you

    1. Oh! My! Word! You have no idea the horror you are about to experience! I have had a cold for a few weeks and I have lost my voice. But I will do it tomorrow with my class! Ha! Will you email me?


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