Saturday, December 29, 2012

New Years Resolutions: Professional Growth

Thank you Amanda at One Extra Degree for hosting today's Linky!!!
Cute graphic courtesy of Miss Amy Lemons! is the confession! I am a teacher book junkie!   I always feel like I am one book away from having all the answers. Consequently... I have a ton!

This is a book I bought 5 or 6 years ago.  I used it as part of our school wide professional development training when I was our district's literacy coach.  This is one of those awesome resources that I return to again and again.  It keeps me grounded in what my small groups should look like AND it is so practical... Love! It!

I have become a little stalker when it comes to Matt Glover and Katie Wood Ray.   Seriously, I saw Matt (as I like to call him) at a conference a few months back and after talking to me, I am pretty sure he was looking for security.

I just finished this book. Super easy quick read that validated some of my own beliefs and stretched my thinking!

I have these two books. I have skimmed them before, but I want to sit down (highlighter and all) and dive in!

What do you have on your nightstand to read?... professional books I mean...Ha!

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  1. Those books look great!! I will have to check them out!! I love reading what I want know that I am done with school!! Enjoy your reading!!

  2. Matt Glover came to our district. What an amaaaazing guy! All of the books you mention are my go-to's as well.

    I am also working my way through Pathways To The Common Core by Calkins/Ehrenworth/Lehman.

    Would love for you to join the Shout Out Linky I am co-hosting beginning January 1st!
    Growing Firsties

  3. I want to dig back into "Reading With Meaning" by Debbie Miller. My report card includes a grade for demonstrating comprehension. :-)

    1. Hi sweet friend! I have that book on my "Re-read List" too!!!!

  4. I'm hoping to see Matt Glover again soon! I started using his ideas and now that I have a taste of success I want more. I agree Lisa. He is amazing!

  5. I love Debbie Diller. I need to check out the others.

  6. Hi Deedee and all the other K readers!
    thank you for this topic! I teach at a small private school, (I am the K team) so all my profess-dev comes from what i find for myself. we are trying to move our elem program toward a bal- lit approach. any advice on books or products will be greatly appreciated! i have DDiller's books and saw her this summer-awesome! 1st gr is reading the DMiller comprehen book...any suggestions for Kinder bal lit prgrams? currently we use a HEAVY phonics program...we need some of all the other stuff. thanks so much!

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