Saturday, November 24, 2012

Peek at my Week-Gingerbread Freebies

Some of you already know that I was gone last week.   We were at my husband's change of command ceremony last week.  I am so proud of him!

So that had me off my "A" game the last few days.   I was thrilled that my substitute told me that my kiddos did great in my absence.  They are the BEST!

I got the exit isle on the airplane, so after I studied up on how to safely exit the airplane, I worked on a few things. Seriously,  I always look closely at how to open the door "in the event of an emergency." 

I updated these two can get the update at no additional charge

Here are my lesson plans for next week... Can you tell we are in full Gingerbread mode?
There are a  few Freebies sprinkled in, so you might want to look for them!

Can I tell you how much I love clip art?   Love! It!

This young lady has some CUTE items!  

If you have not seen them yet, check them out!

You can also check out her cute blog at


  1. What?! I am so jealous...haven't even started...Everything looks wonderful. If I taught kinder I would be set!!!!!!!!

    1. Thanks! My husband wants to sneak out for a movie... That is crazy talk!

  2. Congratulations to your husband! I love your family photo Deedee!
    I am starting my Gingerbread theme too and I will surely check out your plans for great ideas!

    1. Thank you! The freebies are from last year, but I think they will still work:)

  3. Hi Deedee~
    What a beautiful family picture! Congratulations to your husband. Your plans look amazing for the week. I hope that you had a wonderful Thanksgiving.
    Have a great week!

  4. Really super cute & so organized for being out a week! I always look at the exit door info too, as organized as I am!

    Amy Howbert
    Little Miss Organized

  5. Love your plans! It gives me an idea what to include in my math centers. Any idea when the next Writing Unit will come out (the one you create with Deanna Jump)?

  6. Do you do Fairy Tales? We are doing that first and then Gingerbread. :)

  7. Beautiful family picture.
    Thanks for all you do and congratulations to your husband.

  8. What a great picture! Looks like you had a wonderful Thanksgiving!! Congratulations to your husband.

    Looking for the freebies is like going on a scavenger hunt...loved it!

    Terri Izatt


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