Thursday, November 8, 2012

A little of this and that

A few weeks back I had a conversation with Deanna Jump about witchy fingers...You know, the little pointers that students slip over their  fingers to help with 1-to-1 matching. She mentioned that she used little lights instead. I acted like I knew what she was talking about (ha!) and after a little research, I found them on Amazon for super cheap.  Click below to find them.
I will say this, they took a LONG time to get here.  They were shipped out of Hong Kong and I suspect they  did not take the short cut.  Anyhow, they finally arrived and my sweeties were excited! 

Last week I had the chance to see Debbie Diller again.   She talked about supporting "math talk" by adding math talk cards. So I whipped some up... why did I not have this at this station before?   They worked REALLY well!
Thanksgiving Math Work Stations-Common Core Aligned

Thanksgiving Math Work Stations-Common Core Aligned.

I am often asked how I introduce the tasks that I have at my stations. Even though my Peek at my Week shows a week worth of activities, I really do not change every station on Monday.  I would be looney tunes and I would lose so much time.  I introduce them through out the week.

For example:  On Thursday we do a sort as a whole class as a follow up to our shared reading poem.   After we finish our poem, my kiddos meet me over at the pocket chart station area.  As a group, we sort the cards. Then place those SAME sorting cards in the pocket chart area with the response page.  I also swap out the task cards if necessary. 
When my students go to this station, they are already be familiar with the cards.

On Friday we do an additional sort in the poetry station.
You can see more about this by reading this post.
 Finally, I had to share this cutie pootie picture from our math journals today... LOVE!


  1. Oh my goodness!! I love those lights!!

    Fun In First

    1. Thanks Jodi!!! We are having so much fun with them.

  2. Love the light idea! I know the first thing I'm ordering come payday! :) My kiddos are loving the new way we do centers...I think I could slip out of the room for 30 minutes and they wouldn't even notice! (except the ones I do GR with lol)

    Gone Primary

    1. They are crazy cheap.. Like $1.33 for 4 lights!!!!

  3. I always enjoy seeing all the awesome things you do with your students Deedee! I hope you are having a nice year so far :)

  4. We have those little lights from the Dollarama {in Canada}. My kiddos love them as pointers too!
    Mrs. Bremer’s Kindergarten

  5. Just placed my order. Keeping my fingers crossed that I get them fast!! Thanks so much for sharing!

  6. I have car finger lights that I bought at Dollar General...I have made an activity sheet to go with them. I think I might have even blogged about them too! We have used ours for 2 years...they are a HUGE hit. =)

    I will email the activity sheet to you when I get the chance.

    Heather's Heart

  7. I found them several weeks ago at Dollar Tree. There were 4 or 5 in a pack for $1. My kiddos LOVE them!

  8. Oh my God those little lights are so cool!!
    A Cupcake for the Teacher

  9. Love those light pointers! Definitely going to have to look for those.

    Grade ONEderful
    Ruby Slippers Blog Designs

  10. Just ordered the lights! Maybe they will be here before Christmas! It says 17-28 days for shipping. Yikes!

  11. I use the lights too, they're great. They have them at Michael's right now in the Christmas stocking stuffer section, 3 for $1- it's not as good a deal as Oriental Trading but if you need them quick it's one solution.

  12. You are AMAZING Deedee! I look forward to your blog posts!! I think I need to run out and get some lights!

  13. Oh my gosh - the light finger pointers are amazing! I need to get my hands on some for my kindergarteners I think - thanks for sharing =)

    Adoring Lilly

  14. Thanks for the great idea! I ordered my lights!

  15. Love the light idea!!!! Thank You or sharing and your blog is great!!!

  16. Hi Mrs. Wills,
    I absolutely love the "laser finger pointers." I am a student teacher in Louisiana. I often have trouble with my students misbehaving or not using my materials properly. Did you allow students to "play" with the laser finger pointers in order to prevent misbehaving later on during your activity?
    Thank you in advance!
    -Erin Cefalu

    1. I understand your question. I have my share of monkeys. However, they love to come to my table to work with me. We have established an expectation, they misuse it, they lose it. No negotiations. No second chances. This is with everything I give them at the table. Witchy fingers, google eyed sticks, highlighters...

      Here is something I learned my first few years of teaching: Say it once and mean it. This is not to say that I am not tested. So before I hand anything out, I set the expectations. If I see monkey business, I just take the item. I don't say a word. They next time they have the opportunity to use it, they usually follow the rules.

      If they were working independently with them, then I imagine I would need to do a lot of teaching on how to handle them.

      I hope that helps Erin!!! Welcome to teaching!

  17. I would love to know how you add the little pumpkins, etc in order to hide your kiddos faces. Please tell me you don't need a Mac to do it???


    1. Ha!Ha!... No, I enter the picture into a power point slide. I can add frames around it, add my blog address on the bottom, or any text. Then I just place a clip art image over the kiddo's faces.

      You can save Power Point as a PNG so it makes it easy to enter into your blog.

      I had a MAC for about 8 days and couldn't convert :( I am back to my Dell which I love!!!


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