Sunday, October 14, 2012

Peek at my Week-Poetry Station and Freebie

You may have noticed that I am WAY late in getting this posted.   I have a REALLY good excuse!  I was in Iowa visiting relatives for my great aunt's 80th birthday! What an event! 

All the way there and all the way home I worked on this! Last weekend I had blogged about my need for a poetry station that could be sustained throughout the year.   I had received such a positive response and an expressed interest for more, that I put these together with the help of my friend Janet.

I have tried to update the thumbnails on TpT but their system is acting buggy... sorry! I promise the unit has been updated!
Here are the Common Core Standards that are addressed during this 4 week poetry set.  
(I think there are more)

Here is how it works.  Each week there is a new poem with new activities to do each day. Once you have finished with the poem, it can go right into your literacy stations (pocket chart and/or poetry).  

I know some of you bought the Fire! Fire! poem for $2 last week. I attached all of these poems to that unit, so you can get them all by just going to "My Purchases."  No additional charge to you!

If you click on any of the pictures above it will take you to the unit.
This unit will be discounted until Tuesday.

Here is a free counting book from last year.

Here are my lessons for next week!   Click on any image below to download my plans with activity links!

Because we had a short week last week AND this weeks is a short week, my stations have not changed.


  1. You are ultra fabulous!
    3 days!!!!!!!!!!?????

  2. I so wish I was as organized as you!! I love peeking at your week!! :)
    Peace, Love, and First Grade

  3. Your plans are so organized! I want to take lessons from you! Enjoy your week!

    Sara :)
    Smiling In Second Grade

  4. You are amazing! One of my very favorites. I love the October Poetry Stations. I use poetry and nursery rhymes with my English only ELD group. I could find them for last month. Will you be making more?


    1. Thank you!!! This is our first month of making them. So, we will start here... Each month we will add another month's worth until we make it back to October...Ha!

  5. Hello Deedee I just discovered you! You have probably been asked this before but I came across you on Pinterest... Your Rocket Writing. But I cannot seem to locate it anywhere. Can you give me an update on it?
    Looking forward to many hours browsing your page and products!


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