Wednesday, August 29, 2012

Writer's Workshop Update...and something else!

So I took these photos yesterday, but by the time I got home last night I was in a coma!

Here is what my writer's workshop looked like on the day 4!  Yippee!   WE! ARE! FOCUSED!

 I have my sweeties start with pencil, then they can add color.  We are working on our stamina, so we writing with pencil for 7 minutes right now!  It is hard to be patient... but I know we will build upon that.

I have had some emails about the year long writing "plan" that Deanna Jump and I working on.  Here is a sketch of the units we have planned. Our second unit on Narratives should be ready in a week or two. You can find Unit 1 by clicking here!

AND... finally... We use Fundations in our school.  I wanted to have roll-a-letter activities that followed our letter introduction scope and sequence (although it will work for other scope and sequences).

That is it friends!  I am going to fall asleep so quickly tonight!


  1. Your kids look busy at work in writer's workshop. Thanks for sharing the units you have planned. Can't wait to read more!

    The REAL Teachers of Orange County

  2. My kids are obsessed with spelling the words correctly. I want them to be learning how to spell by sounding the words out, but they complain and get very frustrated about that. What do you think I should do?

    Miss A's Kindergarten

    1. I think you should show them how you use invented spelling... using the mantra... "Does it have to be perfect? No, just do your best."

      I suggest you do not spell 1 word for them in writer's workshop.

  3. I plan to start with the Writer's Workshop on Monday :) can't wait...I love your unit, and can't wait for next week to use it with my kiddos.

  4. I always tell my kids to "be a brave speller" and try it! Whatever sounds you hear, write them down, even if they are wrong! They do really great! Love your post! I'm new to the blog world, come check mine out!


  5. After doing Writer's Workshop for several years, I know the procedures in place to have your students working so engaged and on task for such a short period of time. Imagine what their stamina will be like in December. Exciting! Kuddos to you and your kiddos. Thanks for sharing pictures of "what it looks like."

  6. Hi, DeeDee. I have purchased your Writing Through the Year Unit 1. I am excited for Unit 2 to come out and hope to hear about the makings of Unit 3 ;). Our first day is this Tuesday. I have been reading up on writer's workshop. I am excited to improve this part of my teaching. One question I have is: do you use that paper that is included in your Unit for all your students' writing? Example, on Day 1 when they "try it out" do you give them one piece of that paper to use? Do you eventually staple it and make books or do the children decide when they want to use more than one page together to form a book? I guess I am asking because I like what I see you've done in the past and you have gotten good results, too. Other places I have read have pre-made books with a few pages inside a construction paper cover from the get go. Hope this question makes sense. My eyes are closing on me after a L-O-N-G teacher work week concluded with my daughter's 3rd birthday party tonight! WHEW!

  7. Hi Jessica! First...Thanks! We will launch book making in unit 2. I am really excited to move my sweeties into book making... so yes! We will move in that direction.

    As for unit 1: most of the pages will be bound together with the cover and parent letter that is included in the unit. AND, yes, I have all my sweeties using the same paper right now.

    I hear you about the long week! Hope your daughters b-day went well!

  8. Deedee I am getting my head together to start my writers workshop soon and I just had to pop in and tell you how much I am LOVING Unit 1. I am so excited to get started with this and the daily lessons and anchor charts are exactly what I needed. I started off with the book study this summer and then traveled like crazy in July and didn't get to continue, but I just found out that we got approval for our PLC's to be a book study using In Pictures and Words for our Kindergarten team! Thanks for all you do :)


    1. Danielle!!! Thank you so much! Writing can be so tough (and hard to tell others how to do it). So I am thrilled that you are finding the first unit user friendly.

      You will have a leg up on your PLC! That is excellent!!!


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