Sunday, August 26, 2012

Peek at my Week Back to School #2

So last week was our first week back. We had just three days, but I already know that this year is going to be amazing!

Naturally, I over planned... better to have more to do than not enough...right?

We only did one rotation of math stations and one rotation of literacy stations a day (on Thursday and Friday), so I will keep my stations the same.

Here is the overhead station and a fine motor station tracing activity (loved! this!) 
 Here is the writing station

Here are my lesson plans for next week.  It will be my goal to have these posted by Saturday of each week. I was busy yesterday finishing up my portion of the 2nd Writer's Workshop Unit. 
Here is a link to the first 4 weeks of lessons
I believe this will be ready to post by next week... YAY!

Enjoy your week!!!

I started a linky party over at Blog Hopper for some back to school books.  
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  1. Love your plan template! Thanks for sharing your plans/stations. My kinders did really well rotating through three math stations....not so well with literacy. The cry of "I'm done!" gets me every time!

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  3. Deedee,

    I really enjoyed this post thanks for sharing!

  4. Deedee,
    Thanks for posting! I'm still getting my classroom set up since we don't start until next week! It's nice to see how everyone is starting the new school year. Over the summer, I bought your writing bundle and the first unit of the writing throughout the year. I was wondering how you do both in your room? From looking at your weekly plans, I noticed that you have a writing station. Do you also set a time aside to do writer's workshop? Our students are in school for 6 hours a day so I feel that I usually have a hard time getting everything in throughout the day. Any tips are appreciated!

    1. Hi Barbara, The Writing Work Station Bundle is just a station (or center) that my kids go to. This is done independently during my literacy stations block. In a few weeks, I will start guided reading during this block of time. so I will be guiding my cherubs towards independence during this time.

      The writing unit (that I created with Deanna Jump) IS my writer's workshop. This is the meat of my writing instruction... mini-lessons, students write, conference... This is where the writing instruction takes place.

      I hope that makes sense.:)

    2. Deedee,
      Thanks for your response. I just finished setting up my writing center today! Have a great school year!

  5. Thanks for sharing.

    Brittany Weidlich

  6. Love love all your stuff. u r amazing! I'm wondering if u have choice time (play, dramatic play, blocks, etc...). I struggle to get everything in. Does your organization discourage play?

  7. Love love all your stuff. u r amazing! I'm wondering if u have choice time (play, dramatic play, blocks, etc...). I struggle to get everything in. Does your organization discourage play?

    1. Hi Melanie,

      I do not have choice time. Yes, it is a challenge to fit it all in and I find I sometimes have to break a sweat.

      Goodness, no! My school does not discourage play. We play all day long, but rather in an organized, academic, and developmentally appropriate way. Play, play, play! Love it!

  8. I love your writing station cards and paper choices that go with it. Question: How do you introduce the paper choices to your kiddos? I see in the photo from the first week that the different choices are already displayed. Have you already modeled each choice for them or are they just there and you will talk about each choice individually when appropriate? Hope that makes sense. I struggle to quickly teach and model my stations and do not start them until October usually but would love to begin them earlier if I can wrap my head around it. Thank you for all you do. I am an avid follower of your blog and TPT. I also teach in Missouri. Thanks again!

    1. Hi Lindsay! I start by putting all of the paper out, but each day we talk about each one. At the beginning of the year we work on just picking ONE page. As the months progress, they get better at using those pages correctly. I just have to let it go if they are not used exactly how I want. I have to remind myself that the beginning of the year goal is for them to write and work independently at each station. By about week 3 they have it down.

      It helps to brag on those who have used their paper wisely ;)

  9. Hi Deedee! I posted this question a few weeks ago, but I don't see it so it must not have published. Almost half of our Kinders start school and don't know how to hold a pencil or write even one letter. What can we do for these children at the writing station for the first few weeks or so? Thank you so much!


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