Thursday, June 28, 2012

Supplies! Lists!, and Winners!

This post might seem a bit random... but stay with me!
Last year I did a post about my classroom tour. In that post you will notice that all of my bulletin boards start out looking the same. Each wall has the same paper and the same border.  This is not because of a poor imagination.  3 or 4 years ago I saw Debbie Diller talk about classroom design. She spoke on many things, one of which was "visual noise."  She said, you want the students to focus on the learning and one way to do this was to pick a color scheme and keep your bulletin boards/borders the same. This also helps your classroom look larger if you have a small room.

Sometimes getting the supplies can be a problem for me.   First of all... I live here... right in the middle of ... well, not a whole lot. When I need to do "BIG" shopping, I drive to St. Louis.  This is 200 mile round trip expedition.

Last year I got so frustrated because I had driven to St. Louis to a teacher store to buy my borders. They only had enough to cover 3 of my 4 bulletin boards.  The nice lady said, "I can order more and it can be here in a few days."  Um... another 200 miles in my car?  I. Think. Not.

Consequently, I do a LOT of internet shopping.
When I heard about MPM... I knew exactly what I would order.

I loved their filter feature! I could filter the borders by color, design, theme... 
Since they had over 900 items, it made it much easier!
Yay! Think of all the money I saved in gas!
MPM is offering a discount to the first 25 people who order from this post.  Click their emblem below to get the 15% discount.

As promised, I have started a book resource list based on our current blog study.  You can grab it here by clicking on the picture below.  I will continue to update it as our study continues.  The list will "live" in the upper right-hand corner of my blog.  I tried to include everyone from Chapters 1-6. 
 Sorry, this list will not be available in an editable format.

Congratulations to  Vickie and Sandi!  
They each won a $25 gift certificate to The Clever School Teacher!
Time to go shopping for some of those books we have been talking about.
Sandi~ Please email me!  I did not see your email in the comments!

Check in tomorrow for Chapter 7!


  1. I am so excited!! I love the site and can't wait to use my gift certificate...thank you so, so much!! I also feel your pain about shopping...I grew up on a farm and now still live in a small town, so we have to drive a distance to get anywhere (not as far as you though!)
    P.S. - I love that chair!!

    1. Thanks Vickie! I am sending your gift certificate in a few minutes.

      Chair: Thank you! I just got it redone a few months ago. It sits in my office where I can have girlie things... House of boys! Ughhh!

  2. I bought that same green border. I LOVE to shop online. We have a local teacher store, but I do not like to shop, much easier to order online. I will check out the store!

  3. I just placed an order with them...they are the only place that I could find zebra border! YAY!
    Jen's Kinder Kids

    1. Yay! That is great news. They have a ton of stuff! Loved it!

  4. I feel your pain! Although I live in the KC metro, the teacher stores never have what I want. I find it way less frustrating to shop online and have it delivered straight to my door!! Happy Shopping! Stay Cool!
    Splish Splash Ms. Lander's 2nd grade

  5. I love the book chart. Great idea.


  6. I also saw Debbie Diller a few years ago and I did the same thing - pared down my colors and made all the boards and borders cohesive. (I just posted pictures a day or so ago.) I really like the effect and it makes everything feel more organized. Love the green polka dot border!

    Teaching in Progress

  7. Thanks, Mrs. Wills! I can't wait for my school supplies order to come in!!

  8. Oooh I got that same green polka dot border! I love it!

  9. I had to chuckle when I saw your map...I'm not too terribly far from you (I'm in Union,MO.) Same thing happened to me last year and I had mix 'n match border all year. This is the first year I ordered on line and I'm thinking it's the way to go for me. I've not heard of MPM before. Thanks for sharing!

    The Daily Cupcake…A Kindergarten Blog

    1. I know! I've been to the one in St. Charles. They have a lot of stuff, but not enough of one kind.

      We will have to get together! We are so close!

    2. That would be great! I'm curious how many other bloggers are out there in our general area. =)

  10. Just ordered some things from MPM with the discount! Thanks! I had never heard of that website before, but it's great! And their prices were the best I have found!

  11. Thanks for the discount! I live in Salem (not to far from you) and I drive to Springfield for supplies! This saved me gas/milage on my Tahoe and not to mention the wonderful experience of shopping with 2 young boys! :) Hope your staying cool!

  12. YES!!! Thank you for sharing the MPM website and discount!!! I had been searching all over the web for the perfect borders. I had never heard of this website before either. THANKS SO MUCH!! Jodi

  13. THANK YOU for sharing the MPM website, Deedee! I just finished placing my order and can't wait for my supplies to come. I was able to purchase everything I needed for half of what I spent last year on the same materials. Yippee!


  14. See Poplar Bluff on your map? I live just a ways west of it!! I know what you mean about the middle of nowhere! :)


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