Friday, May 18, 2012

Sad to say good-bye

The last few days of school are such a blur.   Rush here, rush there... I think it may be a blessing because the last few days are really tough on me.   Every time I would try to talk to my kids about going to first grade, I would start to cry (I am really good at weddings too... I can cry like nobody's business).

Our building started a tradition... During the last hour of the day we have a moving up activity.  We divide our class up and they go to meet their first grade teacher.  Now picture this... Our Pre-K/ Kindergarten hall is on one side of the building and we have to walk a bit to make it to the 1st/2nd grade hall.  The entire way I am blubbering and trying not to make eye contact with my students. As I approach the 1st grade teachers, I wonder if they think these are tears of joy (and start to panic) or worry that I have some serious issues.

So... I digress... the last few days are a blur with assemblies and procedures.   This was a perfect way to fill in those in between times.  Erica's packet is one that your can totally customize.   Perfect! AND Cute!

Not only did I have to say good-bye to my sweeties, I also had to say goodbye to Miss Theodora.  A new district policy is in place that prohibits classroom pets that have dander.
 Miss Theodora was deeply offended by this implication.
She went home today with my principal's daughters. They were very excited because they have been in LOVE with her all year. Still .... I am really sad tonight.

My class cried and cried when I told them that she would not be back next year.  We decided to make a book... naturally!

She really loves carrots and she really loves celery.  And  she really loves lettuce and she really loves to watch us do stations.

Theodora likes hay. She runs up and nibbles on it.

She likes us when we give her a carrot.  We love her too.  She is sweet.
I loved this one... You see... Theodora is talking to me, "Hay Mrs. Wills!  Hay Hay Hay."  She can be a demanding little pig.
She really likes kids and she likes carrots.

Theodora really likes carrots. She likes us doing stations.  She likes hay.

She loves people.
This boy knew we used the word "people" on another chart, so he went and found it... YES!
She likes carrots,  She loves kids.  She loves hay.  She loves Mrs. Wills.
Big tear!
Theodora likes to be out of her cage.  Theodora eats hay.  Theodora likes kids.   Theodora really likes stations.
For the record... our night custodian was really bummed today too.  He loved to bring her treats at night.
Boo Hoo!


  1. Omg what a sad day!! So sorry! Hope you have a not do sad weekend!

  2. Glad you liked my packet! I am so sad for you that Theodora cannot stay! We love our piggies.

  3. I totally know what you mean! I am such a blubbery mess at the end of the year... and this year I am changing schools, so I know it's going to be ten times worse. I haven't told my firsties I'm moving yet, cuz I know it'll be one big mess of tears! :(

    I'm really sorry to hear about Theodora, but the booklet you made is adorable! I hope she'll be happy with her new family!

    First Grade Garden

  4. I am so sad for you.I hope that you will have occassional visits.

  5. How heartbreaking!!!
    I am so sorry~ at least she is going to a good home with girls who are already in love with her!

    Going Nutty!

  6. Ahhh!!!!! What a bummer about cute little Theodora!!!

    Happy summer to you, sweet friend!!!!!

  7. So sad about Theodora! She sure is a cutie and I can only imagine how much you and your students love her.

    I got teary-eyed today too with my class. We have 14 days left and I am already sad! Uh oh!
    I was talking about how they are "out-growing" kindergarten just like Hermit Crab is out growing his shell. Time to find a new home! They really seemed to get the connection.

    I am always a little sad for each class to be leaving, but soon get used to my summer routines and then a new batch of cuties come!

    Take Care and I hope you have a wonderful summer!

  8. Poor Miss Theadora!!! That is so sad! First it is no baked goods, then no PB and now no animals too??? One year, I had one student with severe peanut allergies and I had to isolate her at lunch was sooo sad!! Maybe we should just feed kids REAL food..hehehe

    The 3AM Teacher
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    1. A-MEN! I would understand getting rid of a class pet if I had students who were allergic to pets, but I have not had one student with pet allergies. They have more problems with going outside because of pollen... Maybe we should just get rid of trees... Sorry... I'm still a little raw with grief... LOL!

  9. I am so sorry about your little piggie. :( What a sad day.


  10. Bummer...Our district school, actually Health Department, did that a few years ago. I now have Dwarf frogs. It's wonderful!! Feed them 2 times a week and the kids love them. Used to do a moving up and the parents/kids loved it!! Have a great start of your summer. We have 7 more days left...I don't want to say good bye either!

  11. Poor Theodora...I know your kiddos will miss her tons. The class book is adorable! =)

    Heather's Heart

  12. I'm so sorry that you had to give away Theodora! I hope your weekend will be much happier! Lucky you - already on summer vacation....enjoy it! See you in Vegas :)

    Ѽ Alessia
    Mrs. Albanese’s Kindergarten Class

  13. Love the idea of a "moving up" day. I wish we could go ahead and know which teachers our kiddos are going to have, but unfortunately we take parent requests, so it takes all summer to makes class lists!
    So sorry about Theodora!

    1. Hi Vickie, we take parent requests too. Our district has a request cut-off date. So, then the kindergarten teachers sit together with the principal and we make the 1st grade class lists.

      We are phasing out requests though. What has been happening is the same parents seem to request the same teachers, so those who were in kindergarten together tend to be in 1st grade, 2nd.... by the time they are in 5th grade the same 8 kids have been together...not good!

    2. I didn't mean to hit publish... So next year, we will make our class lists, but requests won't be considered for our little sweeties. I am hoping we will have more balanced classes. Our poor new kindergarten teacher this year had a rough crew.

  14. Awwww how sad that she can't stay!


    Jessica Stanford
    Mrs. Stanford's Class Blog
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  15. I loved your class book!! How sweet that they know her so well :-) Just found and started following your blog! I am super excited to be returning to teaching kindergarten after 2 years of teaching 4th grade and I am super excited that I found your blog!

  16. Sad day...I am having a hard time talking to my kiddos about leaving Kindergarten. I have those cute songs from Dr. Jean and can't bring myself to teach them. I will have to brave it next week, 9 more days and I want to do a little program.

    Terri Izatt

  17. That is a bummer that the school is outlawing classroom pets! They are so good for children. And you cannot really cuddle something that doesn't have fur. I am sad for you that your little buddy has to move out... but it is great that he will still get to be a beloved pet for some children, even though they won't be the children in your classroom!

  18. I bet that was an extra sad day. We aren't allowed classroom pets either. I've always wanted one. Hope you cheer up soon

  19. Aw, I'm so sorry that Thedora has to go. I could totally see it if there was a child with allergies to pets. I really like the idea of the "moving up" day. Our kids are just across the hall from the first grade teachers so they know them but it would be neat for them to see who they will be with the next school year. We do requests also and it usually puts all of the kids who have active, supportive parents in one classroom and the other teachers are left with little to no parent help. It has created a bit of tension among the teachers and our administration won't put a stop to it because they don't want to have to deal with the upset parents. It's aggrevating because they take no account into what the teachers think is best for the students as far as grouping them. Have a great summer Deedee!

  20. My kinders think the hamster widget on our class blog is our class pet. Sad, right?

    Theodora is a sweet, beautiful girl and will be well-loved in her new home. I know you will all miss her. Are you considering a different breed of pet?


    1. Oh my goodness! Chrissy! ROFL! I viewed this comment on my dashboard... and I tells me the "author" of the comment last... I TOTALLY knew it was you before I even got to that part. That is the sign of a true author, when you recognized their work instantly! You are hilarious! Love you!

      I'm not sure... I will have to pick your brain during our get-together next week. XOXOXO


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