Friday, April 27, 2012

Coming Soon... Requests???

I have been mentally working on my May Writing Work Stations.  My students and I have been brainstorming on which words we want included in it.  We decided we needed lots of mom-ish words  AND we HAVE to have a card for mom.  I thought I would ask you all too... Which words or themes are you wanting for May?
Here is the Writing Work Station for April if you need it.

I feel like I am running a race lately.  I know you all are feeling it too.   I have a gazillion photos on my camera and phone, but I am not sure I will get them posted. I have been scanning my kiddos writing (wee) and I will try to get those posted too.  

This week I enjoyed two days of visitors from another district.  8 teachers came and spent the day in my room.  We had fun watching kiddos and talking about kindergarten.  The best part about visitors is they make me even more reflective.   Thank you ladies!

Also this week... Mr. Wills has finally had his knee surgery after his Christmas skiing injury... Yay!  His skiing career (such as it was) is probably over, but he should recover quickly!   So Florence Nightingale has been busy! 

Hang tough teachers... There is a light at the end of the tunnel .   It is called summer.  If the light turns out to be a train, be ready to jump!


  1. The end is near!! Glad your hubby is doing better! =)
    First Grade Blue SKies

  2. Can't wait for summer. We're doing oceans in May.

  3. I would love to see some ocean words, ocean animals, and summer words!

  4. I was wondering if you are going to make Writing work stations for Aug-Oct. Or do you wait until November to start those?

    1. Hi Shelli,

      I don't think I will wait until November. Here is my plan~I will make the May stations. Then I will make a June/July one (many people go through June... and some people are on year-round schedules). Then I will start the year off with an Aug/Sept one... then add an October one. Shewww... I have some work to do. I am also thinking about adding some directed drawing activities. I will probably start those in my Aug/Sept units then add them as the year goes on... So, I will be revising, revising, revising. The good news is, if you already have my past units, you will get the revisions for free :-) I suspect these units could get huge!

    2. Great! I'll be keeping an eye out for those!

  5. We go until June 19th so we'll be covering zoo, ocean, picnics, baseball, Mother's Day and Father's Day. I have been LOVING your writing work stations. Thanks!!

  6. I do an ocean unit during the last two weeks of school. Looks like many of us are on a similar theme schedule!

    I might squeeze in a father's day activity, keep it balanced :-). Got any daddy words?

    Health to Mr. Wills!

  7. I'm in agreement with the others...zoo and summer words would be perfect! I love your writing stations!

  8. Any chance you could add butterfly pictures and words (egg, Caterpillar,Chrysalis,butterfly etc)
    Thanks! I would also love to know your answer about the writing stations for Aug-Nov!

  9. also, some ocean/beach related objects and summer time words
    would be great! Your writing workstations are wonderful...thanks!

  10. Love your April writing workstation, so I can't wait for your May one! I agree with everyone else, summer, ocean, beach, water words! Of course Mom words! Maybe the word Father or Dad so I can begin our Father's Day cards before we leave for the summer! :)
    Wishing good health to Mr. Wills! :)
    Crayons and Curls

  11. I can't wait for this to come out! I LOVE these as do my kids! They love writing letters to each other and oh my heart they are the cutest things ever! You have such fabulous ideas and I'm excited to see what comes next :)

  12. Summer, ocean, beach, mom and dad (got to make a gift before school is done). The kids love your writing stations! They run in to check on the first day of the month to see if I changed it!!!



  13. I was anxiously awaiting the email saying that you had posted these on TPT!! :) I am in the process of printing everything off and getting it ready for Monday ... thanks again for such a great product!

  14. i was hoping for more subtraction problem solving in your may math journal unit.
    cvce and blends in your games unit
    and in writing a unit with ocean and dinosaurs


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