Thursday, March 29, 2012

A Week in Review... and WINNER!!!

Our babies arrived this week.

If you want to see a super cute hatching post, check out Barb's from Kinderzoo' post.  She teaches across the hall from me.   She did a WAY better job of getting the process down on film!

 I broke out my inner princess for my small group.   Oh my!  They were busting up!
I noticed I had a group who was really struggling with the medial sounds, so I grabbed this game out of my station bucket and they were able to have some fun while they practiced their vowel sounds.

This was from last year... They loved practicing their fluency... the ALL-MAGICAL timer!

Writing Work Station for March!  They are already anticipating April's Station... So funny!

 Math Stations went well!

 AND... I have finished my Easter themed Math Work Stations packet... Yippee!  This packet will be on sale for 20% off until midnight on March 31st... hurry!

 We have a winner.   Susie,  I have already sent your goodies.

Thank you everyone!


  1. We have chicks at our school too! My kids got to hold one today and they LOVED it.

    Sharing Kindergarten

  2. We get our eggs next Tuesday. Each year I'm excited and nervous. I've only had one good hatch in 5's hoping that we get a bunch of cute chickies!

    Kindergarten Hoppenings

  3. I want a chicken! Where do I get a chicken??? What do you do with them after the lesson is over?

    Going Nutty!

    1. Staci... they are this cute for about 4 days then they turn into large white monsters. The chickens we get from Mizzou are meat chickens and they don't lay eggs.... They go home with one of my kiddos and will probably end up in the stew pot... boo hoo!

      At my house, I have beautiful little ladies. Barred Rock (black and white speckled) and Buff Orpingtons (strawberry blondes). They give me the most beautiful brown eggs everyday. They will live until the Good Lord calls them home from natural causes.

  4. Hi! I've have given you the One Lovely Blog Award!!
    Come on over to my blog to grab it!


  5. Awww, I adore baby chicks! We aren't allowed to have animals in the classroom :-(.

    Your post looks terrific--I really like the way you showcased the photos!

  6. They are the most adorable little babies I have ever seen. I would just fall in love with those little guys!!!

    Kindergarten Smiles


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