Tuesday, February 21, 2012

Writers Workshop-How about science fiction

Here's the deal... Writer's Workshop is still hard for me. I think I am over thinking it.  I feel like I have relinquished all control and sometimes wonder if it was easier when I did not give the open reins to my kiddos.   My students are passionate about writing.  They chatter about it constantly. They want to tell me everything they have planned for writing that day, but it is impossible to listen to them all and still get to my conferring kids.  Should I go back to the way I taught writing before?  It seem to work REALLY well...

Then I get a glimpse of this and it all seems worth it!
(If you click on the images you will get a better view)

 Here is what I could say about this writer... HE HAS WRITING STAMINA!   Holy Smokes!  He was able to sustain his focus on this piece for many days (I think it took him 2 weeks). He understands the genre and can write in this genre.  He KNOWS exactly what he wants to say.  As I was trying to make sense of some of his words, he would correct me,  "No, it is sky base."... I still have no idea what that is...LOL!
He writes with voice.  He can build suspense.  He understands that stories have a beginning, middle, and end.

I suspect I got in the way of his ending.  I mentioned to him that I would like to post his writing on my blog with his permission (and the next day he was done). I think his next steps would be talking about how stories end and what makes a good ending.  In any event... Way to go my little friend!

What am I working on?
I promise to have these ready by this weekend!


  1. Check out my blog (http://wildaboutteaching10.blogspot.com) for a post I just posted on "Daily News." I use it in my classroom and it has done wonders for all the stories they want to tell me everyday--and they LOVE it!

    Feel free to follow me as well! I'm new to the blogging world!

  2. Love the writing!

  3. don't abandon writer's workshop!!! it's always good to challenge ourselves as teachers with things that feel hard for us. if you haven't picked up lucy's 'the art of teaching writing' it's a must read for all the basics. reading books always helps me get back on track when i'm feeling a bit lost!!

    1. Oh,thank you Alyssa! I am a huge fan of Lucy Calkins. I have several of her books including the one you mentioned. Never fear, I will not abandon WW, but there are days when I feel a bit out of control. I should go back and reread it. Thank you for the suggestion.

  4. Writer's Woprkshop is messy and will be for a while. It took me 2 years to get my writer's workshop refined, but it was worth it. You are planting a love of writing in your students. I LOVE your kinder writing and it speaks to your teaching skills. Keep it up!! One of my favorite reads about teaching Writer's Workshop is Writing Workshop by Ralph Flecther. It's a quick easy read.


  5. Wow! That is some kind of writing! I love seeing the work of your students, it encourages so many to keep on trying workshop when they see the kinds of results you post.

  6. Hi! I see you are making a TPT Unit with a St. Patrick's day theme. I was looking at Common Core's Unit 5, which is Our Big World (the continents). We will begin it after our spring break in two weeks. Will you be making a TPT unit for this?


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