Saturday, January 21, 2012

Peek at my Week - 100th Day

I got this email from sweet, sweet Erica

Thank you so much for your donations of your January games and actvities  and an even bigger THANK YOU!! for hosting the linky party.  Everyone was so excited to hear about what was being done and about all the wonderful, creative resources we had received.   I am still receiving items daily, but at last count we had received 300+ units and activities and 20 gift cards/certificates!  You have inspired so many people and lifted the spirits of so many others.

You guys did that!   Thank you my blog heros!

What have I been up to?   Busy!   
I finished my Writing Work Station for February... Whew!  
 A little Roll, Say, Keep for February
 And I just loved this clip art, so I couldn't wait!

We will be celebrating our 100th day of school on Friday! I don't think we have ever had it this early in the year... Not one snow day so far! 
I probably just jinxed it.

So, how perfect was it that I got my hands on this baby?!  It is from Katie Mense of Little Warriors and it is just what I needed! I got to meet her (plus a few more fab-u-lous bloggers) for lunch today. I will post pictures later!

Click on any image to grab a copy of my plans with links to the sources. 

Have a great week... and I PROMISE I will blog about writing this week! 


  1. The Dr. Seuss CVC looks so cute...I love that clipart and can't wait to use mine!!
    Mrs. Plant's Press

  2. That is awesome that so many teachers could help!! =)
    First Grade Blue SKies

  3. Looks like an amazing week in your room! How do you have the time to create amazing packets and get centers ready for your own class? I am loving all of the great stuff I see on blogs and in TpT, but the prep can be overwhelming! Any advice?

    So wonderful what was done for the teachers and students in Joplin! They deserve it!

    1. Diet Coke helps! I usually do my prep on Sunday afternoons. I print out my stuff and laminate it while we are sitting around the T.V. or just chatting. I have a paper cutter at home so that makes it go quickly.

      Sometimes...sometimes... my guys even HELP me! Shocker!

      When I go in on Monday (I go in a little early), I have everything organized and I zip around the room putting things in their place.

      I don't get it all done. I have slacked on my blog stalking lately, I have not gone running in a million years, and I let the microwave cook dinner sometimes.

  4. Yay Mrs. Kinderarten,

    Is there a chance you are going to list the people that participated.............not looking for any glory, I just like to make sure what I sent got there. Thanks! Kelly

  5. How amazing!!! 300+ units?!?! Wow!!! How inspiring!

  6. As always, you are amazing!!! Thank you for your creativity. The clip art is adorable, too!!

  7. Thanks for the Joplin amazing!!! and I can't believe you are having your 100th day already!! Kind of jealous :)

    Kindergarten Smiles

  8. Thanks so much for the shout out Deedee!!!;) So glad you could use it! I had so much fun hanging out with you yesterday!!! You crack me up:)!!
    Little Warriors

  9. Love your site! I'm a new follower!


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