Monday, December 26, 2011

Idle hands? Hardly!

What have I been up to?  Some great time with my family and a a few updates!

First,  I had promised a copy of my students' gingerbread houses.   We decided to go BIG!
 Actually, this is a gingerbread house from the La Fonda Hotel in Sante Fe, NM!   Amazing!

This is how ours turned out.
Here are some updates and new items.

This is one I created last year. I went in and updated it.  If you already purchased it, you can download the updated version for free!  Just go to "Your Purchases".

To find these on Tpt, just click on the images.   You can also find them on Teacher's Notebook
 This fluency station has 26 alphabet cards, 90 high-frequency words, and 36 Dolch phrases.
I added a common core correlation sheet to this packet to make things simple.
 My kids love this game.  Number ID or simple addition/subtraction
 Happy New Year!!!

You can also find these on Teacher's Notebook

I am about 85% done on my Writing Station for January.  I am waiting for some clip art so I can finish it.  I hope I will have it by the middle of this week.


  1. Aww, your gingerbread house is cute! Lots of character! =) Plus, fun to make!!
    First Grade Blue SKies

  2. Your gingerbread houses are adorable! A couple of years ago, I went to Disney World at Christmas time. They have a life size gingerbread house that actually has someone inside of it selling stuff! It was amazing!

    I am excited about all of your activities and need to go shopping! =)

    Come check out my penguin and snowmen *freebies*!

  3. Everything looks terrific! Will you join my January Ideas link party? (Not that you need any help with others finding your amazing things, but it would be fun to have you there!)

    I'm off to do some pinning here...:-)ReadWriteSing

  4. So cool! 6th-graders come back and tell me that making gingerbread houses in kindergarten was one of their favorite days ever. One year, I even made fall and spring houses as well as the winter houses.



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