Monday, November 7, 2011

Word Attack Strategy Posters FREEBIE

You guys have been so kind!  I have been reading through some of the nice things you have said about my little old blog... It simply warms my heart~Do I sound like I am 80 years old?  Well, it is true (no, I'm not 80), your kind words really make me smile, so thank you!

My district set out to create a common language for word attack strategies that would move up the grade levels..  We looked at many resources and tried to pick the simplest, yet most explicit language to help our students.  Why?  Your whippy kids can handle switching their language up,  "Sound out the word, tap the word out, stretch the word...". They all mean about the same thing, but your struggling readers think these are all different strategies.

I adapted these posters from several resources. We will use them in our building for our K-2 students.  So, when they leave my classroom, their 1st grade teacher will use the same language, our Title 1 teachers will use the same language and so on.

Since I made them... I thought I would share them.
You can use the bookmarks to mark off the strategies you have taught (and they demonstrated).

I hope you find this helpful! If you grab a copy, I would appreciate your comments :-)


  1. Love these!!! Thank you. I just made a new emergent reader for Thanksgiving. Hope you can stop by my blog to check it out. Thanks again!

  2. Have you thought about going back for your doctorate?! Seriously!!
    I am so thankful for you :-)

  3. You are fantastic! Thank you so much for sharing! :o)

  4. Love this-that is wonderful that all the teachers in your building recognize the importance of having a common langauge for reading strategies. Also, thank you SO SO SO much for adding the lines to the bottom of your writing center paper-it's perfect-I'm off to make a zillion copies of it for my classroom ;)
    Keen on Kindergarten

  5. Deedee,
    Your post has really made me think about our EL students. We try to use the same vocabulary in some areas, but I never thought about it with decoding strategies. Hmmm... I think I want to talk to my staff about this. Many thanks!
    An Open Door

  6. These are fantastic. Common language is a goal we are working towards with K-2 also! I will be making the bookmarks for my kinders to use in their book totes!! Thank you!!

  7. I am new to teaching and currently job sharing in K. In a word- OVERWHELMED. My partner does her thing and I am left to do mine, not ideal AT ALL, but I'm trying to work with what I have. I am so grateful for your blog and TpT store. I'm learning ALOT and LOVE the FREEBIES! I CANNOT even imagine how much time and effort goes into what you do. Your students and their families are lucky. One day I hope to have it together! Thanks again :)

  8. I just came across your site via pinterest, and I LOVE your stuff. These bookmarks were on my "to make" list after seeing something similar in another classroom. You just made my life soooo much easier! I LOVE THEM! one thing I did notice though when you print the book marks the word reread on the skip and reread doesn't all show up. I just filled in the letters, but looks like the text box was a bit small :)

  9. Hi Just Have 2 Teach! I'm glad you liked the strategy posters. I edited my original copy,so you can grab the corrected bookmark if you are still interested. :-)


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