Wednesday, November 30, 2011

So...How are my stations going? Gingerbread Style and some FREEBIE on top!

Here is a glimpse of my stations in action!

Click on the images to find the source.

Some of you asked about seeing my Writing Station.  Here it is.
 A closer look. Want the edit ready portable word wall?... FREE!  It is in Power Point... so you may have some formatting to do.   Will you let me know if you grab it and how it worked out for you?
 Write the Room FREEBIE
Students can self-select the game they want to play with their partner.
 Cute activity  from Deanna Jump

 I love my sorting station. Students also use this activity if they finish their station (or morning work) early.
I get the sorts from this book.
Here are the FREE sorting documents that I use.

One student sorted by initial sounds.  Another is working on ending sounds.  The response page picture above is sorted by word families... 
YAY!   Differentiated sorts!

 Domino Math FREEBIE
 Reading about math FREEBIE
 Gingerbread Patterns... FREEBIE
 Oh my GOODNESS!   That is  a lot of pictures!   I promise... I have been teaching (not just taking photos)!

Do you need to see my station lesson plans for this last week?

Need other holiday ideas?  Holy smokes!  Check this post out!

She created a linky party with lots of ideas.

Then, if you are like me, I think I HAVE  to do gingerbread again next week because I also have these outstanding products...  SHEESH!  Can I do gingerbread station until January?   Probably not, but check these out.

Ok...I have to quit now....  Sweet Dreams!


  1. Thanks for the great info! I love seeing the writing center...I bought your pack and can't wait to get it in action!
    P.S. Isn't the Sugar and Spice Gbread unit AwEsOmE?

  2. WOW! I am missing kindergarten now after seeing all these cute activities! Thank you for sharing--I love the pictures : )


    Tales from a Traveling Teacher

  3. Mrs Wills thank you so much for the wonderful freebies! You are so sweet and amazing! :)
    I really Love Love Love your blog! You bring Sunshine to my day so I have awarded you The Sunshine Award! :)
    Crayons and Curls

  4. I LOVE LOVE the sorting station! Just wondering about how they know what to sort? How do you set that up for all of those ideas within the book cited? I am in LOVE with all these great ideas!! It looks amazing!

    I too LOVE LOVE the Ginger Unit from Growing Kinders! She is the best!! I am getting started with GingerBread next week!! Cant wait!

    Also, one more question...not that you dont already have a zillion other things going...I am using the math domino sheets ( LOVE THEM for higher order thinking/ reasoning) How do your math talk cards work!! What a COOL idea!!

    Thanks for all the GREAT things you do!! My kiddos are currently crafting their first book after jumping on board w/ In Pictures & In Words by Ray! I LOVE seeing them sooo motivated!

    Thanks --

  5. Hi Sarah... I'll tell you, setting up the sorting station was sort of a goat-rope to start out with. My go-getters took to it right away.

    Yes, the book has a page for each sort and they are numbered. It is intended for K-3, so you will never run out of sorts. They have headers so the students know what they are suppose to sort. However, some of my students needed a little more guided instruction to help them identify the headers.

    The domino math talk cards are just written on an index card (nothing fancy). They help the students form a sentence to go with their picture. So right now they might right, "There are 7 fish in the ocean." After our break, I will change them so they will have to create an addition problem. It might say,"There are 4 sting rays and 3 sharks in the ocean. That makes 7 in all."

    I'm so glad you are enjoying making books. They love it, but it is still a messy process for me (deep breaths in a paper bag). I have some videos of more management ideas to post... hopefully tomorrow.

    Thank you for your kind words!!!!


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