Wednesday, November 9, 2011

So... How are my stations going? Better!

I guess the insanity that is Halloween Week is behind me... Knock on wood.  Stations are going really well.  Here they are in action!

Wanna win these?  Click here to enter

 Kim Adsit's Happy Thanksgiving Literacy and Math Activities

Click here to see her grid... I'm going to make one tomorrow. This activity is POWERFUL!  I have used it from her other thematic packs and it awesome.  It is a great way to informally assess your kiddos and see their problem solving techniques.

Wanna see my stations lesson plans?  Click here

Hope your week is going well!!!


  1. DeeDee! There is a great organizer chart as a free download on my blog for the number line mystery game. It really helps the kids be able to set up and play by themselves. Here is the link in case anyone needs it.

  2. SO IMPRESSED! I need to get my hands on some of these!

  3. Hi Kim, Thank you for the link. I just loaded it to this post. I'm not sure how I missed it... I am usually a VERY devoted blog stalker. I must be slipping!

  4. Mrs. Wills I adore your blog and think your Blog is on Fire! Come over and read my post!

  5. Love the color page and you are so funny/clever! It's true....anytime I tell my kids we are having a "coloring contest" they start cheering!!!!!!

  6. Woke up an hour and a half before my alarm is scheduled to sound off and thought I'd enjoy my coffee with my favorite Kdg blog. So glad I follow you! Your posts always inspire me and help me remember to keep my centers fresh for my little learners. Thank you Mrs. Wills! I am such a fan!!

  7. Looks great DeeDee! Thanks again for the shout out! You are totally ahead of the game on Thanksgiving! I start my centers next week, and then the following week I am off to Florida! yippee!!

  8. So I'm getting my stations ready for this week and would love to use the coloring page for one (nice and easy set up!) :). But what do you do with the early finishers on that one??

  9. Carrie, Surprisingly I did not have early finishers on that one. I thought they would, but I think they worked hard on making it an "All Star Paper". If I did have an efficient color-er, they could have done shape puzzles or write on the back about their picture (not really math... but learning is learning):-)


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