Saturday, November 26, 2011

Peek at my Week~Gingerbread Style

I just returned from a wonderful holiday visit with my husband's family in the Dallas area. We drove there and back in what can only be described as the "Arctic
Express."  My husband loves to crank the AC down regardless of  the time of year
(FYI: It was set to 68~Really?   Really!)
So I can not think of a more fabulous surprise than to receive the Sunshine Award!

Class Full of Special Kinders
Learning with Mrs Parker

Thank you ladies... I can actually feel my toes defrosting.

With all that car time, I made a few FREEBIES for you. Some are embedded in my "Peek"  document, but this one is not.

Click on the image to get it for FREE!

I think I will need to work this into my week also!

I have been thinking a LOT about differentiation.  Like you, I have a wide range of abilities in my class.  Therefore I wanted to add more differentiation in my stations.  For the most part, I will let my students self select the activity they want to do. You can see the options in my "Peek" lesson plans.

First, I want to talk about my Pocket Chart.  I got this idea from Kim Adsit at Kindergals . Her post talked about this book and how she used it. I let that post simmer in my head for a few weeks.  Then I FINALLY got my act together.

I have had this book for few years and L.O.V.E. it! To prepare this station, I copied sorts 1-20 on different colored construction paper.  I laminated them, cut them out, and put the sort number on the back of each piece (mucho, mucho importante!)

Students have a menu of sorts they need to complete.  They can do this as their center.  I also give this as an option for early finishers.  The kids are very motivated because once they complete 10 sorts (that I have checked for accuracy) they get to go to the treasure box... HELLO???

Talk about differentiation? I have some students sorting words by beginning sounds, some are sorting by ending sounds, and some are sorting medial sounds.

I have found this is a great (quick) reteaching opportunity.  I promise to have pictures of this in action next week.

Onward... You can grab this document with the hyperlinks by clicking on any page below.

Ok... I promise to be back mid-week to show these stations in action... Especially, the sorting station.

I also will be back with more on Writer's Workshop.  I have had a few people suggest I make a product for TpT, but honestly... I'm having a hard time putting something together that feels authentically mine. So until I am struck by a bolt of lightning, you will get my posts as I travel through Writer's Workshop with my kiddos.

I am planning on a little video on their writing folders...  Brace yourself for my voice~YIKES!


  1. I would love to spend a day in your fabulous classroom! Your posts are so inspirational!

    Thank you for the great freebie! :o)


  2. You are most welcome~~I am beyond thankful for you!!

    Guess what?! I just made a freebie--gingerbread word card write-the-room! A few of the words have digraphs, which we jump into immediately after winter break!

    Have a peaceful Sunday :-) ReadWriteSing

  3. thanks for sharing!! love all your gbm freebies!

  4. Jennifer, You are welcome ANY time!

  5. I awarded your blog the Sunshine Award. Find out about it here. :) I know you've already received it, but I couldn't let a shout out to a wonderful blogger go without being said! I am in awe of all you do!

    Lil' Country Kindergarten

  6. Just bought the writing center and would love to know how you organize your writing center. I currently have my writing center in a tub b/c of lack of space. Would love to put all the ideas into the center just not sure how to organize it all. Thanks!

  7. You amaze me! Would so love to spend a day in your class! Thanks for all the cute gingy! :)

  8. Can't wait to try all of the gingerbread themed items! Thanks!


  9. Love the gingerbread pattern booklet. My firsties will be working on it this coming week. We send "Gingerbread Fred" (like a Flat Stanley) out to seek his adventures in another week. We always read several versions and do fun gingerbread man activities as he prepares for his journey.


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