Monday, October 24, 2011

Word Explorers-Word Study

Now that we are practically through our alphabet introduction, I have launched our Word Explorers.  This is how I introduce the bulk of my high-frequency words and word families.   This takes about 10 minutes per day (a bit longer when we make words)... but we are moving fast!

We start off my writing, boxing, and cheering our words. I quickly write the word and show it on the document camera.  I ask for someone to read the word, then the students write the word.  I walk around the room to reinforce good handwriting skills as they write the words."Make your tall letters tall and your short letters short".

I then tell the students to box the words. This is helpful for those students who see words as shapes.  They love telling me what they think their box looks like.

Then we cheer the words. This gets them out of their seats and helps those auditory learners.

The bottom of the form is used in a variety of ways.
I select a different activity each day.
Today we did "Since I can spell..."  I just don't tell them the word to make.  Here is an example of my language, "I'm thinking of a word that is in the -ap family and it is what a baseball player wears on his head.  This next word is something I might look at if I am lost on the road somewhere.  Now change a letter to make the word for what I am doing with my foot right now.  If I am really tired I might want to take one of these. The last word is tricky because you will need to add two letters. After Albert Pujols hit his home run I did this."

You can also help their oral language by having them use the word in a sentence... Awesome!

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We also LOVE to sing! This is my favorite go-to resource for word family songs
click on the image to Amazon
  I typed up the songs so  the students can add them to their poetry notebook.
Click image to grab your FREE copy
Not all word families are included in the flip chart so I supplement with this resource.
Click to go to Amazon
I have ordered this book from Amazon, but I have not gotten it yet.
It was highly recommended by The Inspired Apple so it HAS to be good!

What do you use for word study?


  1. Hello, I love all of your great ideas! What program do you use to make your worksheets...Please fil me in!

  2. Thank you! I create most of them in Word or Power Point... then I convert them to PDF files!

  3. Thanks for the ideas! I have been using Words Their Way and really love it. Tons of great picture sorts (and word sorts for the higher levels). We use it K-5, and it comes with a nice assessment in order to level your word study within the classroom, but it needs to be supplemented a lot in K so I come up with a lot of my own word work lessons for teaching things like sight words and word families. I do most of my word work in small groups, but I'll have to check out your Word Explorers for my whole class lessons.
    Keen on Kindergarten

  4. I LOVE Words Their Way!!! It is such a great resource! I also want to set up the "jobs" that Kim Adsit described on her blog. So many ideas... so little time... LOL!


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