Monday, October 3, 2011

Classroom Behavior

Like many of you, I have a classroom behavior chart where students move their clip if they have a behavior challenge... but sometimes, some students need more.  They need more praise, they need more reinforcement, they need more feedback.  I created this to use in my classroom with a few of my students... not all.  
Initially, I will tape these to the student's desk and we will (hopefully) celebrate their good behavior at the end of each subject change.  As things improve, I will move these to a clipboard at my table.  My ultimate goal is to phase these our completely as their behavior falls into line with the rest of my crew.  This is also a great intervention to use for students in the RTI process. 

Now, my schedule is not consistent each day of the week due to our special area classes, but I am not going to have a different chart for each day of the week.  I think the icons will be sufficient.

If you want to make your own and use my template (see below)  CLICK HERE for the power point version.  NOTE:  because of the clip art terms of use, I had to remove the graphics.  You will just need to add a text box!

It also helps to set up and continuously reinforce behaviors and expectations.

 Sometimes, don't you feel like a broken record?  You find yourself repeating the same directions over and over.   Well, for sanity reasons, we make a chart and we review, review, review.  Then if someone is off task or is not following our agreed upon directions, I can direct that child's attention to our anchor chart.  This prevents the "locking horns" that can sometimes take place.

I have a collection of behavior and expectation charts.  You can find them HERE.

We also have our station task cards organized and displayed.  They really help keep expectations clear.


  1. Deedee, one of my School Family Jobs is the cheerleader. This child gets a party horn for the week to use when celebrating other children he/she notices being helpful. The cheerleader goes up to that child and says "I am going to celebrate you for sitting criss cross on the rug" or "I am going to celebrate you for taking Joshua's helpful reminder." My kiddos LOVE this!

    I have a bubble necklace I wear everyday for me to use when celebrating the kiddos! This is a HUGE success and they adore being celebrated with bubbles!

    We also add "helpful hearts" to fill our classroom bucket and this really helps ALL of the kiddos be more reflective of their behavior and others. You can read more about this on my blog.


    1. Great idea!!! We're a PBIS school always seeing the positive...One thought...While this is a super idea that really motivates and celebrates positive choices, have you had any "Cheerleaders" that went overboard with this job?

    2. OMG I love the idea of having a bubble necklace to celebrate kids. Also having a student recognize other kids is a great idea!! Totally going to try that after our fall break!

  2. I can't get checklist to download. It just wants me to pin it to pinterest. Any suggestions?


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