Thursday, September 15, 2011

Writer's Workshop~Using Labels in our Published Writing

Yesterday we "published" our first piece of writing in Kindergarten.  Boy Howdy!   It is a process in kindergarten.  But I know if I walk them through the process the first few times, the rest of the year will go much smoother.

Like many of you, we have been looking at labels.  This is my ALL TIME favorite book to use when teaching labels.

We have read and re-read this mentor text over the last few weeks.  Then we put it to work.

The writing that I decided I did not want to publish (we are talking 19 days of school worth... a bunch) was handed out to the students to take home.  
They LOVE taking my writing.  

So what does it look like when my kiddos publish?  First, they go to their writing folder that holds all of their rough drafts.  They select one piece that they want to publish.  They bring me the rest (these will be added to their year-long writing portfolio~more on that next week).  Then they sit down to re-write their piece.
 Many decided to add labels.  Did they all?  Nope!  Some just made their picture more clear.  I always make my focus, "Make your writing/message clearer to your reader."  I then suggest using some of the techniques we have been studying (like labels).
In 3-4 weeks we will publish again.  The pieces that are hanging on the wall will be replaced with new published pieces. These "old" ones will be added to their year-long writing portfolio!


  1. I've never heard of this book but I totally want to go run out and get it now!! So perfect for the young kiddos!! :)

  2. Thanks for sharing this book--I have never been able to find a "labelling" book! Can;t wait to use it with my beginning writers!
    Mrs.Miner’s Monkey Business


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