Friday, August 12, 2011

Look What I Found!

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 Cole's Little Pups has some very cute bulletin board ideas.  I love this crayon one.  I also love that she has so willingly shared her lesson plans.  Browsing other teacher's lesson plans helps me stay on track with my own.

 Heather's Heart has some great sound sorting cards.
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I really like her Wild about Rhymes cards... Cute huh?
Now this next one I did not find on my own... Thank you Jackie from Here We Go Loopty Loo!!!  I have to tell you this one made me do the happy dance!!
Click on the image to go to this blog for More! More! More!
What more could you a kindergarten teacher ask for at this time of year than the first 30 days of Writer's Workshop.  This is so beautifully organized and sequentially sound.  L.O.V.E IT!!!  

Ok... I am now off to the Iowa State Fair.  I have to tell you~ I'm a little excited to see The Butter Cow!!!!


  1. Thank you for sharing what you found! I have been working on a year long curriculum map for K and these links will help immensely. I have a newbie K team this year with a second year teacher, VIF teacher, and a 3rd year new to K teacher. I feel almost like I did fresh out of college, in shock that I was put in charge of something as monumental as educating an entire class full of students on my own. Only now it's compounded by a whole grade level! Thank goodness for the blogging world or I'd be a mess!

    Having Fun K-1


  2. Thanks for the shout out : ) I'm working on one for first grade too!



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