Tuesday, August 2, 2011

A Day with Diller: Math Work Stations Follow-up AND a Giveaway

Ok.. let me just say what you are thinking... That Deedee Wills is a monstrous beast!  While I am no petite flower, I felt like my 5'7" frame towered over the adorable and tiny Debbie Diller.  How cute is she?

I was lucky enough to spend the day listening to Debbie Diller talk about her book Math Work Stations.   It was wonderful to hear her talk about this book and it validated my thinking and the thinking of the other wonderful bloggers who participated in our blog book party!

 You know how I confessed my obsession with pencils?  Well, my ears perked up when she gave a little tip about pencils (pun..)

She suggested adding pencils to the math station tubs that have a recording sheet in it.  Ok, she also said to add glue (if it required glue) and scissors (if it required scissors).  BUT I heard PENCILS.  By having the supplies handy student work time is not lost by hunting around for supplies.

She also suggested adding tape to the ends of your pencils, so the pencils could easily be identified by pencil "borrowers."

I'm thinking...Duct Tape!
GREEN=Math Station pencil   
PURPLE=student pencil (with their name written with a Sharpie)!!!  I think I will give each student 3 pencils with their names on it.  That way we can return the pencils to the right owner if they get misplaced.

I am so excited to try this, I think I will also do it with my EXPO Markers.  I have tried to write their names directly on the markers, but even Sharpies rub off after a few days.

Thoughts?  Do I need to seek professional help?  Have I taken this pencil thing too far?

One more thing!  My good  friend Jackie is hosting a giveaway at 
Jump over to her blog to enter a chance to win one of my TpT products (your choice) and this:
This looks like a wonderful resource!


  1. Oh my goodness, what an awesome opportunity! I love the picture! You know, I'm with you on the pencils. We lose so many and there are so many little arguments over whose is whose that the tape might just be a winner. It might even keep the wee boogers from breaking them in half or chewing off the erasers if they have to keep them to use...who knows!
    Angela Just Love Teaching!

  2. Angela... You are reading my mind! Those poor, poor erasers!

  3. I love the pencil idea! I always write their names with Sharpie at the top of the pencil, but the tape is even better. Plus, they will probably love the little "flags".
    Just Add Clipart

  4. Please share more of her tips!

  5. Wow! Did you go somewhere to see her or was she in MO and I somehow missed out? That is like meeting a celebrity! Yeah for you!
    Spotlight on Kindergarten

  6. I love the tape idea. Plus if you want to get real creative there is tape now that is rainbow, zebra, etc. You are so lucky to have met her!!

  7. Busy Bees~ I saw the different printed Duct tape... I had to exercise restraint. I bought three different colors and I think the guy at Target was a little concerned...

  8. A big YES to saving erasers! I worry my friends when I say that I need to label their supplies for my own sanity. I just can't do community supplies anymore and these flags will do the trick!

    The Kinder Kid

  9. What an amazing way to spend the end of our summer. I have taken away so much more knowledge from reading Math Work Stations.

    Primary Graffiti

  10. No! You are as sane as the rest of us, lol. I love labeling anything that could be argued over. Pencils with tags are a wonderful idea. I am thinking of trying avery labels just because I already have labels made for various things with student names on them. Post pics when you get a bunch done!

  11. Oh my gosh! You are so lucky to have met her. No you do not need professional help for the pencil issue. One year I wrote the kids names on each of their crayons. Luckily I only have 7 kids otherwise it would have taken forever.


  12. I received my goodie today!! Thanks soo much!!! :) Merry Christmas to me!!

  13. I totally understand about the pencil thing. I feel the same way about my Sharpies!
    Teacher Tam's Educational Adventures

  14. I like the Sharpie idea. It will be easier to figure out who isn't putting the cap on correctly.

  15. Teacher Tam and Rebecca~ Sharpies??!!! You are so BRAVE! I keep mine in the "Can't touch this" part of the room.

    I have added flags to my Expo Markers though.

  16. LOL!!! A monstrous beast!?! You're too funny!!! I'm sad I missed Debbie Diller being SO close to home!:( So wish I would have known about this! Love the flagging idea!! Thanks!
    Little Warriors

  17. I add the correct supplies to each of my math stations and literacy stations. Glue, crayons, pencils, etc. It makes it so much easier because they aren't jumping up all the time to get things.
    I also did the name on the pencil thing the last two years, but I used their initials. We didn't lose nearly as many pencils when they had their initials on them. It was great!!
    Mrs. Sether


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