Monday, August 1, 2011

Clipboard Makeover

So I had these terrifically boring clipboards in my classroom.  They looked like they had been to you-know-where and back.  Then I recalled an article I saw on The 2 Sisters' website about giving your clipboards a face lift.

I think this will be perfect for my conferring clipboard... I bet I won't lose it!

How I made it:

  • Spray painted ugly, tired, scribbled-on clipboard black
  • Mounted scrapbook paper to the board (front and back) with spray adhesive
  • Gave it a coat of Modge Podge
  • Clipped and tied ribbon to the top
NOTE:  It really is not that shiny (flash of my camera).

Ta Da!  Simple!

Ok... one more thing!  I'm going to see Debbie Diller tomorrow in Columbia, MO!  I am pumped!


  1. Looks good. Great choice of scrapbook paper too.
    Kinders on the Block

  2. Love it great work! I have one that looks like this from Vera Bradley and let me tell you I bet yours is more durable!!
    Whyte Water

  3. Deedee it looks fantastic! I love it and have more than one clipboard floating around that could use a similar makeover! Thanks for a great idea! And you're right...the ribbons make it so easy to find...huge problem solved!
    Angela Just Love Teaching!

  4. Oh my goodness!! Super cute! Wanna make me one?!?! ;)
    Have you received you Christmas book yet? Don't forget to link up when you get it!

  5. Very cute! I did a clipboard makeover today too!
    Funky First Grade Fun

  6. Randee... You betcha! What colors?

    Kimberly... I wanna see? How did it turn out? Let me know if you blog about it and I'll add your post to mine!

  7. That looks so good! I want to make one now!! What kind of spray paint did you use?

  8. Surprise me! I'll even provide you with one of the clip boards that have been to "you know where AND back"!

  9. I just found my next project! Thank you!!!


    Camp Kindergarten

  10. Love it! My project list keeps getting longer...but that's okay. Thanks for sharing.
    Robin (Bigbird)

  11. Wait-Debbie is going to be in Missouri? How did I miss that! I'm super jealous-you'll have to share with us what you learn! Your clipboard is darling-wish I had time to makeover all of my classroom clipboards-they really need it!
    Keen on Kindergarten

  12. Darling DeeDee... I have a few of those in my own classroom... now I have a fun project to do with them ;)
    Have a great time with Debbie Diller... make sure she knows that you are responsible for her high sales this summer. Your book link was a great idea. I appreciate the opportunity to work and learn from so many wonderful teachers like yourself. Have a ball!!
    Lory's Page

  13. Meredith... The email on Debbie Diller said it was not advertised due to contract reasons... I'm not sure what that means. Don't worry I will share, share, share when I get back!

    Andi~ my spray paint was just plain old flat black... the cheap kind.

  14. I LOVE modge podge!! Clipboards are on my to-do list when I get to it. I think I'm going to use pictures from books {you know, when you realize you have 3 copies of the same story?!} for enticing kid writing. ;)

    Little Miss Glamour Goes to Kindergarten

  15. Wow! That's adorable. Thanks for the directions.

  16. Very impressive! You'll spot that a mile away...and I love paisley prints! Be sure to thank Debbie for her Math Work Stations book. It really inspired me!!!


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