Friday, July 29, 2011

This and That...

I have already blogged about this adorable color book that I "discovered" while I was in New Orleans, but I created an emergent reader to go with it!  
Click on the image to grab this FREEBIE from my Google Docs.
For more on this book you can go here.

I have also been busy loading some more Back to School items on TpT!
As promised~
AND~Some familiar games.  You may know these formats if you have bought any of my CVC or Roll, Say, Keep games from last year.  I love that my kiddos only have to learn a few simple games, but by changing the materials, I can keep those games fresh for the whole year.  

As you know, when you are teaching small groups, you really don't have time to re-teach a game EVERY time you switch themes.   I want my kiddos to be independent.  By keeping the games familiar, I can keep them engaged in a meaningful way.

I am so excited!  I will be able to get back into my classroom next week.  I will be posting some of my classroom photos with resources.  

Ok... What do you think about a classroom video tour??  I'm not sure how brave I am, but I may attempt it next week.


  1. I definitely wanna see a video room tour! I think that getting to see/hear our blog friends is going to be the best thing E.V.E.R. this year! What a great idea :)


  2. You should absolutely do a classroom video tour-what a neat idea! Also, love the games! I try to do the same thing- use a few simple games with my kids but just change them slightly to fit with my themes- such a time-saver!
    Keen on Kindergarten

  3. You are about to hit 1000 and I am so excited for you! And, YES, you need to video your room! My camera has video capability :-)

    I can't find a link to the last chapter of the Math Work Stations study, but wanted to let you know that I made a math vocab binder sheet. Thanks for sharing your work; everything looks fantastic!


  4. I just ordered "Why is the Dog Blue?" and can't wait to use it this year! Thanks for the super-cute emergent reader to use with it!

    Peace, Love & Learning

  5. Love the emergent reader. I think I may make this a work station by coloring the dogs and placing on a print recognition board. Students will have to look for the blue highlighted in blue, red highlighted in red, and so on, then color the pages. This of course is after we read the book together. I usually "miniaturize the pages to fit on a clipboard :) Thanks for the reminder--I love this book!

  6. Maggie! That is a great idea!!! Ah... the beauty of blog collaboration!


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