Friday, July 1, 2011

The Book Whisperer-Chapter 2 Everybody is a Reader

I am sOoO enjoying this book.  I am hosting Chapter 2. 

As a kindergarten teacher, I tried to apply the ideas Ms. Miller suggests in the terms of an emergent reader classroom.  She describes how her class can be divided into three categories of readers: Developing Readers,  Dormant Readers, and Underground Readers.

Research suggests that developing readers actually spend 75% less time reading.  Miller suggests that students need guidance to help them find books that would be a good fit.  

How do I find good fit books for my kindergarten students?  
Click on the image to go to Wilbooks
 I love Wilbooks!  It is very difficult to find engaging books for my very emergent kiddos.  I have tried to order books through Scholastic that are leveled, but I find they are not leveled in a consistent way.  Wilbooks books (awkward sounding) match the leveling system that I have in my building.  So it is simple to set a bin of books out and know my kids will find something that interests them.  My students self-select these books several times a week.  They take them home to practice and trade them when they are ready for a new book.

How do you promote independent reading in your emergent reader classroom?


  1. I am reading this book along with you! :) I am enjoying it! I teach first grade so I am with you on the whole "applying it" to my grade level. Thank you for posting the site for wilbooks! I get e-mails from them and just hit delete :/ But now seeing your post and actually going to this site- I can't wait to get books my kids can use for AR. :)

    Fantastic First Grade

  2. I posted my thought about chapter 2! I am learning a lot.

    Simply 2nd Resources

  3. I read this book last summer and loved it. I like making my own little books and using their names and photographs in them. They never get tired of this!
    I had my curriculum specialist read this too and she is still talking about it at her trainings.
    It really makes you appreciate the power of reading.

  4. I posted my thoughts about chapters one and two. The author is a kindred spirit! I wish my own children enjoyed reading more; I have definitely modeled a love for books!

    The Book Whisperer Post



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