Sunday, June 12, 2011

Math Work Stations Blog Party Chapter 4

So, if Chapter 1 and 2 was the "Why", and...Chapter 3 was the "How", Chapter 4 must be the "What."  What do we do in these Math Stations?

Ms. Diller states, quite clearly, that these activities should be familiar and routine, but you keep them going all year long by adding new materials.  

This makes sense with the way I do things already in my literacy stations.  Those of you who are familiar with some of my literacy stations, know I have a few predictable formats.  However,  I change the words and/or clipart to keep it engaging and appropriate for my students.

Some of you in the blog-o-sphere expressed your worry over losing your themes if you switch to Math Work Stations.  So last week I posted this FREEBIE.  If you missed it, you can grab it by clicking on the picture.

These stations are designed around summertime... Yipeeee!  But you can image having the same activities with a different thematic set of graphics.  In fact, I am already creating some Back-To-School Math Work Stations centered around the concepts in this chapter.   Back-to-School?  Bite my tongue!!!

Here is another FREEBIE for ya! Click the photo to download.
Your students will illustrate the sentences in this counting book.

Thanks to Fran for hosting this week's chapter.  I honestly had more ideas... then I saw her post and scrapped them.  Her post and resources are A.MA.ZZZZING!!!  Please hop over to her blog to check them out!

AND... If you are not already following her... you MUST!  Seriously!!!  She is a very generous and thoughtful blogger.

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  1. Seems very quiet tonight. I hope people continue to link up throughout the book study!! Great post. Congrats on the TpT free download of the week.


  2. Thanks friend for linking up with me!
    I love both of these freebies and they are going right into my notebook. Also thank you for sharing them.The theme is so much fun thatI might have to some of these activities during my final week of school. I love how systematic you are. Have a wonderful summer or do we have another project? Just kidding!

  3. Thanks so much for linking up at Math Monday! :)

  4. Love the counting book. My students will love it. We go back to school in August...this will fit right in.
    Ms. A
    Oceans of First Grade Fun


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