Friday, June 17, 2011

I Have Been Shopping

First let me say this is unsolicited endorsement for a recent purchase I made from TpT.

So Leslie at Kindergarten Works posted about her new TpT product.  I was pretty excited about it, so I added it to my wishlist.  I had hoped I would win it... but honestly I think I am related to the Schleprocks (no luck).

Anyhoo... I purchased it today and Seriously?  Seriously?  It is INSANE!  Leslie is sOoO technically talented.  She SOMEHOW put together a customize-able calendar pack (without the need of scissors and scotch tape).  I am in AWWW!

Then... I saw that it is going to work with my Saxon Math Calendar (we are adopting Saxon this year)!  It was like a gift!

I could go on and on about how instantly organized I now feel.    
You can read more about it on her blog by clicking on the picture.
I grabbed my copy from TpT, but you can also get it from here.


  1. So, you made me blush, and then smile! Thanks Deedee! I consider this very high praise coming from you!


  2. I purchased it too, because I didn't win it and I absolutely LOVE it!! I already started putting my dates on my calendar!

  3. Laura, I know!!! I have always used the calendar for documenting behaviors, but I never had it formatted this way... And I can move those clip art reminders in. Leslie is going to make me look GOOD in 2011-2012!

  4. I love this! I am moving up to first grade next year and this would be perfect! One question...I do not have Microsoft Word. Is there another way to use this without having Word? Thanks so much! Becky

  5. A.B.N Mitchell,

    I'm not sure... You may want to email Leslie. Click on her blog to contact her. She is great about getting back to you.

  6. A.B.N Mitchell, It would work with openoffice, which is similar to MS Word (but free) but it is slightly harder to navigate and working with the clipart. I'm not sure about using a mac (if that's waht you use) - that's sorta out of my expertise area.
    - Leslie

  7. Sounds great!! I have put myself on a strict teacher budget for the summer because if I didn't I think I would spend all my money on great products on TpT. I will add this to my wishlist! All these fabulous reviews make me want it now, but I promised myself I would watch my school spending closely! So I'll have to wait.
    Kari :)

  8. I agree, everything Leslie makes is fantastic. She really thinks of everything!

    Stay and Play


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