Thursday, June 23, 2011

Assessment! Assessment! Assessment!

The ever-sweet Miss Kindergarten is giving away goodies!

You can win my

Kindergarten Communication Arts Assessment Pack

and my

Kindergarten Math Assessment Pack

Help get yourself ready for the Common Core Standards with these aligned assessments!

Hop over to her blog for more information.  


  1. I went to Miss Kindergarten,there is nothing there... could it be I am the first one ... hint hint and the winner? I do teach 2 sections of kindergarten and would love to see new assessment tools!

  2. Karen... You are funny!!!! She actually posted it on June 20th... So you may need to scroll down. Or... I linked the actually post at the beginning of this post. Just click on "Miss Kindergarten" in the first sentence. Good luck!!!

  3. You have put a TON of work into these assessments and they look amazing! We do our standards based assessments 3 times per year, so we are already assessing all of these things with the assessments our district gives us. Do you teachers think this would be something to use inbetween assessments? I could see it being very beneficial. Thank you!


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