Monday, May 30, 2011


Thanks California Teaching Credential for naming my blog one of the top 5 kindergarten blogs.  Seriously???  There are some amazing K blogs that I think deserve it more than me, but thank you!!!

Just a few more days... SQUEAL!!!!   Math Work Stations... HERE! WE! COME!


  1. okay now I am getting nervous. I am still in full session and not so sure what your expectations for this are! (LOL) Woo.. I am writing 31 report cards but I am excited about this project so I will give it my best shot and try to wow you and my other blog buddies. I know this will be super, duper (did I really just say that) fun and now you need to grab a binder cover.
    I L*O*V*E my bookmark more than you can imagine.

  2. My goodness Fran~you always "WOW" me! Your binder cover is AWESOME! I am excited/nervous too. One thing I KNOW for certain... The talented bloggers out there will come up with some amazing things. We are just opening the door to their creative genius!

    I'm glad you like the bookmark. I hope it will keep me focused.

    31 report cards... YIKES!

  3. Deedee, YOU deserve it!!! Your blog is awesome and you are one of the nicest, friendliest most helpful bloggers out there!!!! Thanks soooo much for all you do!! You would definitely be in my top 5 list too:)
    Little Warriors


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