Monday, April 11, 2011

Math and Art at the Same Time!

How do you fit it all in?  How about multi-tasking?  I saw this adorable cherry blossom tree on  Hand and Footprint Arts & Crafts. Then I thought skip-counting?  We do skip-counting!!!  Wah-lah!  A math station was born.

First you will make (or have them make) a tree trunk.  Then they will dip the end of a pencil into pink paint and place 5 blossoms together in clumps.  Finally they count by 5's and record the total number of blossoms.
Here is the recording sheet.

Any other station multi-taskers out there?


  1. Thanks for sharing this mathtivity! I usually do art every Wednesday and this will fit in perfectly.

  2. Thanks for the idea! I gave a shout out to you in a blog post because we changed up your great idea a little...counting by 2s! Here's the link:



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