Friday, April 22, 2011

Information Overload? Try Google Reader

I love following blogs, but sometimes I get information overload.  Have you ever seen something wonderful, but you forgot which blog had it featured?  That is why I love Google Reader.  How do you access Google Reader?
 It is right on your Blogger Dashboard.  This will list the blogs you follow.
Then if you want to search those blogs for something, just enter a key word.

Any other blog organization ideas out there?


  1. Thanks Deedee what a great reminder- I forgot about that feature

  2. I love Google Reader. I was trying to figure out how everyone read all these blogs, and then someone posted about Reader! Ever since then I use it! Also, it is available as an APP on my Droid, which gets me in trouble!

  3. Thank you for mentioning the search bar. I did not even realize that was up there. I guess every time I get on Google Reader I am only looking for how many new blogs have been posted and miss all of the features it offers. But one thing I have been doing after reading the blogs is I adding a tag like "word work" or "earth day projects" that way I can go back to them quickly at any time. However, I just started doing this so I am happy to know that searching is an option since there are a lot of blogs that have been left untagged.

  4. Oh... I have totally neglected the tag feature. I will have to go back and work on them.


  5. I read all my blogs using google reader! It helps to see what you haven't read and star ones that you might want to come back to. Without it I think I'd be going crazy, lol


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