Saturday, March 26, 2011

Zoo Animals! Literacy Stations FREEBIEs plus+

So it is snowing... AGAIN... Really???  I wore capris last week... ERRR!  So what is a teacher to do?  How about create some new things?  I'm totally excited and inspired by Deanna Jump's Zoo Unit.  I wonder if she ever grows tired of being so "FAB.U.LOUS!" I love her stuff!

First I made a board game.  This is a first for me, so I would love FEEDBACK!
This is FREE at my TpT store.

I also made another CVC game.

I have blogged before about how I like to cut these cards up and keep them in a empty frosting container. This is perfect for kindergarten hands.  I put 4-5 different versions of the same game in one of my literacy stations.  Students can pick which version of the game they want to play (Roar!CVC-Dinosaurs, St. Patrick's Day CVC, America CVC...).  This makes it so easy for me to "freshen" up the station with new materials, but I don't have to reteach the rules of the game.
Anyhoo... Wild Zoo and Safari!! is on sale at my TpT Store ($2).

Last.. But NOT Least... head over to

For an AMAZING Giveaway!


  1. This looks terrific! My hubby told me to put stuff on the flashdrive and color copy at the store---yippee! I can't wait to try the game this week.

    (Is it snowing in your corner of the state?)


  2. Yes! It! Is! I'm ignoring it and "spring cleaning" anyhow!

  3. Your game board looks amazing!! Way to go!

  4. Love, love...can't wait to use this before we go to the zoo in May. Thanks :)

  5. I may have to put a zoo unit into my plans just to use all of your ideas! Thanks for sharing your game! I'm off to buy your other one!
    P.S. Isn't MO frustrating? Mon. I had on the air in my classroom and by Thursday I had on the heat!

  6. Hey,

    My name is Jacque, and I have some really exciting news for you. Every Friday I feature a bunch of fun printables, activitites, lesson plans, etc. on my blog. And your "Literacy Stations" got featured this week. It looks like a really cute way to get your students involved in learning how to read.

    Feel free to stop by my blog and grab a "I was on Featured Freebie
    Friday" button.



  7. so, so fabulous. Thought you might be interested in what I just posted about zoo themed learning
    - Lisa


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