Sunday, March 6, 2011

St Patrick's Day: Read, Trace, Glue, and Draw

I have gotten a few e-mails requesting a St. Patrick's Day version on my Read, Trace, Glue, and Draw.

Here is a FREE sample for you!  Sample
You can find the full set that was recently updated HERE.


  1. I use an activity page like this with my reading groups for cut up sentences. It's great because I can quickly cater it to my kids guided reading books. Do you use this as a daily warm up or how do you incorporate it into your day?

  2. Lindsey,

    I use this as my morning work or "bell work". My student's arrive in my classroom about 25 minutes prior to the start-of-day "bell", so they work on this. They are always so proud of themselves when they realize they can read these sentences without the need of my support. Yay! Kindergarten Power!


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