Sunday, March 6, 2011

St Patrick's Day Making Words

I have just returned from The Write to Learn conference and I was fortunate to hear Dr.Timothy Rasinski speak on phonics and vocabulary instruction. Now, he could probably talk about the weather and I would be thoroughly engaged because he is just a gifted speaker. Despite laughing and singing my way through his presentation, I also took away some validation and inspiration.

Validation:  The practices I follow in Word Explorer are in line with what research says works!  Yay!
Inspiration:  How about a St Patrick's Day Making Words.

Other St. Patrick's Day themed products
Luck of the Irish Word Sorts and Write the Room  (there is one for each short vowel family)

These are all available at my TPT store. Right now TPT is offering a 10% discount this week only on your entire purchase with this code: G2R2M

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