Tuesday, March 22, 2011

Space Activity

We created a scaled model for our solar sytem.  We then used this model to estimate and count the number of steps (shoes) it was between certain planets.  Fun! Fun! Fun!

Data you will need for your model:
  • Mercury 2 inches from the sun
  • Venus 3 inches from the sun
  • Earth 4 inches from the sun
  • Mars 6 inches from the sun
  • Jupiter 1 ft, 9 inches from the sun
  • Saturn 3 ft, 2 inches from the sun
  • Uranus 6 ft, 5 inches from the sun
  • Neptune 10 ft, 1 inche from the sun
I made the model using colored chalk.  By spraying hair spray over the chalk it will keep it from smeering.  This was necessary since my model was posted in a hall where the 600 students walk by.

Here is our recording sheet
You can download it FREE here.
This activity worked nicely with my
Exploring Space Math and Literacy Unit

1 comment:

  1. This is awesome! Teachers from our school went to Space Camp last summer so we were big into space this year, so we already did our space unit, but I can't wait to use it next time.



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