Monday, March 21, 2011

So What's in Your Book Bag?

  • Guided Reading Book (with an attached note)
  • ABC Fluency Book
  • Word Ring (with high-requency words)
  • Self-Selected Book
  • Reading stick (from the beginning of the year... but he REALLY likes it)
Like many of you, I send book bags home with my students each night for practice.  These bags include a book we have read during our guided reading lessons.  In order for students to gain fluency, it is important that they read this book numerous times.  However, students also have books in their book bags that they have self-selected.  To help my parents know which book is a priority, I have included this little card.
Click on the image to download
I have two levels of cards.  One for readers A-C, and one for levels D+

These cards are printed on card stock, then laminated.  We simply paper clip it to the cover of the book I want them to practice.  I have not had any students lose the card (because I told them I would take away their birthday... this always make them giggle).

Let me know your thoughts!

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  1. I just started sending home book bags with my kindergarteners. Check out my posts to see what I put in the bags.


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